Indigo Tie Dye Kit

The Indigo Tie-Dye Kit will dye more that 15 yards or 5 pounds of fabric or 15 shirts to a medium/dark blue hue! For use on natural fibers including cotton and wool. Uses pre-reduced indigo for a safer simpler vat with the same great color characteristics of indigo dying.

Kids and adults will have a blast making Indigo tie-dyed T’s, shirts, skirts, yardage, yarn, loose fiber and more.

Included in this kit:

• 20 g Pre-reduced Indigo Dye

• 100 g Soda Ash

• 50 g Sodium Hydrosulfite (“Hydro”)

• 1 pair of gloves

• Wood pieces

• Rubber bands (2 sizes)

• Instructions

Item Number: 8201000I
Price: $14.00



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