Wool top and wool roving, natural and dyed fibers...

From wool roving to silk top, cotton, bamboo, synthetic fiber, no matter if you spin yarn, needle felt, wet felt, hook rugs, or weave: fiber love is a wonderful thing! You have come to the right place because Halcyon Yarn scours the globe to bring you the finest fibers available. For those who are new to working with fibers, we're happy to help you get started, just give us a call - We love to share our passion for fibers! We have some how to felt videos below.

Below we have grouped our fibers into functional groups that we also offer as "sample cards". Sample cards are a great way go get to know and to select fibers. Our Merrymeeting Collection sample box has samples of most of the fibers we carry, and is a great way to plan projects. We offer quantity discounts on all the fibers we sell.

Quick links: colorful felting fibers Fibers, Equipment and Supplies, spinning yarn equipment and supplies. Don't forget to browse through our book catalog for a large selection of books and videos on spinning, dyeing, felting, and many other fiber crafts.

Wet felting fiber, needle felting fiber, and spinning fiber:

Wonderful Wools 1 - Fibers for Felting and Spinning, Wool Rovings and Tops -

An extravaganza of felting fiber and spinning fibers in wool roving and wool top preparations. Ten different kinds of wool, from Merino and Shetland to long and wooly Icelandics. A beautiful range of natural sheep colors in many. Plus, Natural Brown Perendale, Hand-dyed to beautiful Maine inspired shades. If you are spinning yarn, wet felting, or needle felting, great traditional options here.

Wonderful Wools 2 - Specialty Breed Wool Roving and Top - Felting and Spinning Fibers -

Specialty breeds of beautiful natural wool fibers. The wool top preparation is more thoroughly combed than wool roving, making spinning yarn a joy. 9 different breeds in all, the card has 11 tufts, every color in each breed.

Sensual Silks - Fibers for Spinning Yarn -

Yes indeed they are sensual, even though some are clever deceivers you'll find ways to enjoy them all. All the way from the cocoons themselve (already degummed for easier use) to the finest mulberry and tussah tops , plus silky look-alikes rayon and tencel. 8 tufts. Spinning silk fiber, and enjoying your own silk yarn is a special treat not to miss.

Romney Felting Fibers - Needle and Wet Felting Fibers -

Our needle felting fiber is a Romney wool in a batt preparation, similar to wool roving. It’s a bit coarser than the fibers of the traditional breeds used in wet felting, such as Merino. This is better in needle felting because the coarser the fiber, the less likely it is to show holes. But don’t limit its use to needle felting. It can be used in traditional wet felting. Just be aware the finished felt will be

more rustic in appearance. The fiber is packaged in 1/4 lb bags. 23 actual tufts of fiber for you to experiment with. Item 309

Marvelous Merinos, Colorful Fibers for Spinning and Felting -

At 23 microns, these very fine Merino fibers work well for spinning, needle felting, or wet felting. The top preparation is more thoroughly combed than wool roving, making spinning a joy. The wide range of dyed colors will give you endless opportunity for blending. Add in Multi-color top of the same super fine count and superwash in natural and you have a complete palette of Marvelous Merinos. Contains Items 319 321 and 325, plus Merino pre-felt. 24 tufts of beautiful fiber.

Magical Metallics - Lurex Fiber for Felting and Spinning -

Ah, the allure of lurex and what it can bring to your felting and spinning. The glint is the thing in fashion yarns so make your own yarns glitter with the look of gold or silver plus 6 exotic or iridescent colors to blend with your luxury natural fibers. Eight sample tufts

Lavish Luxuries - Exotic Fibers for Felting and Spinning -

When it comes to spinning luxury yarns you will find something really special among these natural wonders. The "top" preparation is easier to spin into yarn than typical wool roving. The extensive card brings you natural colored alpacas, mohair top in three colors plus curly locks for dyeing or using as is, baby camel, super-grade angora, natural white and brown cashmere, and the gold standard for softness - yak. 15 actual tufts of fiber.

Harrisville Fiber for Felting and Spinning -

Dozens of colors, a perfect fiber for felting that is also lovely for spinning. This carded wool is similar to common wool roving preparations, less processed than a "top". See the colors portrayed as spun samples and feel a full tuft of the fiber so you can really tell what you're planning to buy.

Fibers from the Field - Natural Fibers From Plants for Spinning Yarn -

Allergies to wool or just plain want something totally different? Try some of these natural fibers from the field. There are natural and naturally colored cottons, hemp, soft bamboo, flax (linen) and ramie, all ready to use as is or to dye yourself. A mix of roving and top preparations, all of these fibers spin well. May we recommend our favorite natural dyes - Earthues - which come individually or in convenient color collections? 12 tufts of fiber to fell and spin.

Brilliant Blends - Extra Soft Spinning and Felting Fiber Blends -

Wonderful felting fibers and spinning fibers:More thoroughly prepared than typical wool roving, the "top" preparation is great for spinning. Natural colors of lambswool, alpaca & silk blend, merino & cashmere blend, and camel down & tussah silk blend. Dyed options in merino & silk blend. So many beautiful and brilliant blends of soft and luxurious fibers - you'll want to wrap yourself in them! 13 generous samples include our item numbers: 330, 336, 339, 349, 364 and 374.

Ashford Wool Roving, Beautifully Dyed Fibers for Spinners and Felters -

Experienced spinners will enjoy playing with the range of colors available in this wool roving. Get ready for a fun afternoon of experimentation, or a more intense study in color theory. Mix, match, and card the solid colors to create subtle heathers and rainbow designer yarns. Creating a color wheel is easy with Ashford's primary colors.

These glorious colors can be used in needle felting or wet felting, alone or blended, to create infinite colors. By the ounce, Ashford fiber is ideal for felting picturesque scenes, masks, children's toys – any project where you need only a small amount of a specific color. Card has samples of all current colors.