Wool top and wool roving, natural and dyed fibers...

From wool roving to silk top, cotton, bamboo, synthetic fiber, no matter if you spin yarn, needle felt, wet felt, hook rugs, or weave: fiber love is a wonderful thing! You have come to the right place because Halcyon Yarn scours the globe to bring you the finest fibers available. For those who are new to working with fibers, we're happy to help you get started, just give us a call - We love to share our passion for fibers! We have some how to felt videos below.

Below we have grouped our fibers into functional groups that we also offer as "sample cards". Sample cards are a great way go get to know and to select fibers. Our Merrymeeting Collection sample box has samples of most of the fibers we carry, and is a great way to plan projects. We offer quantity discounts on all the fibers we sell.

Quick links: colorful felting fibers Fibers, Equipment and Supplies, spinning yarn equipment and supplies. Don't forget to browse through our book catalog for a large selection of books and videos on spinning, dyeing, felting, and many other fiber crafts.

Wet felting fiber, needle felting fiber, and spinning fiber:

Wonderful Wools - I Fiber Card

Wonderful Wools - 2 Fiber Card

Wonderful Wools 2 - Specialty Breed Wool Roving and Top - Felting and Spinning Fibers -

Sensual Silks Fiber Card

Lavish Luxuries Fiber Card

Harrisville With Fiber Tuft

Brilliant Blends Fiber Card

Wool Fiber Collections and Prefelt

Ashford Spinning Fiber Bag is a great for experimenting with color blending. Get a little of everything for your favorite needle felting, wet felting, or color blended spinning projects. This collection includes an ounce each of 20 beautiful Ashford fiber colors. (colors may vary)

Each color of Ashford is 100% Corriedale top can also be purchased individually by the ounce or pound. The Top preparation is similar to a wool roving, but is more thoroughly combed so spins yarn easily. It's the perfect palette for embellishing picturesque scenes, children's toys, masks and more. Bring new life to an old sweater with Needle Felt embellishment.

Featured item for Needle Felting on The Martha Stewart Show!

Ashford Fiber Bag
25 colors
And finally, we have made some "how to felt" videos that are worth a gander if you are wondering how wet felting and needle felting work: