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Everyone's Favorite Hat and Scarf Knitting Pattern

Author: Fiber Trends
Hat 21-24", Scarf 8"x84"

Very simple ribbed hat and scarf. Instructions for worsted, bulky and super bulky yarns all in one pattern! A perfect starting place for new knitters.

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Related items: Knitting needles size 13 16" circular and double point (or) size 11 16" circular and double point (or) size 7 circular and double point for hats. Knitting needles size 13 (or) 11 (or) 7 for scarf. Approximate Size: Hat 21-24", Scarf 8"x84" Pattern gauge: 9 on sz 13 (or) 12 on sz 11 (or) 18 on sz 7 Yarn weight: Super Bulky, Bulky or Worstd Yardage needed: Super Bulky: 60 Hat, 200 Scarf; Bulky: 90 Hat, 300 Scarf Worsted 125 Hat, 420 Scarf

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