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Multi-craft Books

Vanishing Fleece

Join Clara Parkes on a cross-country adventure and meet a cast of characters that includes the shepherds, dy... →more
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Loome Party

Loome Party 20+ Tiny Yarn Projects to Make from Your StashMake plenty of happy things with inspiration from... →more
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Principles of Color

Originally written in the 60's then revised and updated, this is a reviewof the different theories of co... →more
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Halcyon Yarn Coloring Book

Kids of all ages can frolic through the magical world of fiber with our Halcyon Yarn coloring book. This bo... →more
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Bette Hochberg's Textile Articles

Reprints of 8 articles originally published in different magazines ranging in subject from spinning to mo... →more
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The Art of Shirret

Shirret/shirren is a unique crochet inspired hobby which costs next to nothing and yet produces gorgeous he... →more
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Textiles in the Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago is renowned for its vast collection of American and European textiles. Pr... →more
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Dévoré For Weavers and Knitters

Bold or intricate, the process known as dévoré, which creates stunning designs etched into numerous fa... →more
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Textiles: A Handbook for Designers

For designers who work for the textile industry - and those who aspire to - this will be an invaluable re... →more
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