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Botanica Yarn

Sarannis Jacket, by Robin Melanson

On sale this week! A perfect aran-weight wool, spun and dyed right here in Maine. With 45 rich colors, Botanica Yarn is a beautiful 100% wool, perfect for knitting or weaving. The distinctive twist of this 2-ply yarn gives your finished pieces a crisp finish that really makes your stitches pop. Super sturdy, yet still soft, it’s perfect for back-to-school items that will last and look great all year long!

Ship Shape Crew, by Susan Gillies

In weaving, the soft hand combined with the durability of this yarn makes it perfect for colorful throws and blankets. Terrific for colorwork at a heavier gauge, Botanica Yarn is ideal in almost any heavy-worsted, or aran weight knitting pattern. With generous yardage (160 yds/skein), Botanica is a great value and a treat to work with.

Here are some of our favorite projects for this classic New England yarn:


Stock up now while Botanica Yarn is on sale ($2 off/skein!) for a limited time!



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Auditorium Backpack

Let’s skip the part where I talk about how it’s already August and focus on how CUTE our new knitted backpack is! Auditorium - Knitted Backpack Pattern Free this week! (Download), designed by Sierra Roberts, is the sturdy knitted satchel you never knew you needed.

This perfect little drawstring bag is a cute and practical back-to-school tote for a little one. The Auditorium is also a perfect casual bag for you too! It’s a great size for a book, tablet, knitting project – you name it! If you’re into trying a little colorwork, the Auditorium is a perfect blank canvas for a cute motif, like the elephants or mushrooms featured in the new book AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary - 200 Modern Motifs.

The pattern provides adaptable strap lengths. Plus, check out the product technique videos for crocheting a chain, and making the drawstring on the pattern page here: Auditorium Knitted Backpack

Knit up in our Maine-made 100% wool Halcyon Signature Botanica Yarn. The yarn is on sale and the pattern is free this week, so head for the Auditorium now!

Great suggestions for Botanica – on sale this week only!

Shop back-to-school projects here!



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Portrait of Sierra Roberts

Electric Avenue Shawlette

There’s nothing like a quick and easy project, and that’s exactly what I had in mind when I made the Electric Avenue Shawlette. This uses just one skein of Halcyon Signature Hand-Dyed Silk Noil Yarn and two mini cones of Block Island Blend Yarn. Wider stripes of the neutral color serve to highlight the fun pop of the hand-dyed stripes, making them look almost like neon lights along a busy city street. Another perk? Since this shawl is worked from the top down, you can make it as large or small as you choose.


This probably won’t come as a surprise, but this project was inspired by the beautiful shawl on the cover of pompom Quarterly Spring 2017. That piece was knit all in white, with just the bottom edge done in a bright variegated yarn for a subtle peek of color. Just lovely!

Using Block Island Blend Yarn makes this a very comfortable warm weather accessory. It’s cool to the touch, kind of slinky, very drapey, and the subtle texture of that yarn creates a nice rustic fabric. That said, you could also choose one skein of a solid color of Gemstone Raw Silk (Silk Noil) Yarn to go with your favorite Halcyon Signature Hand-Dyed Silk Noil Yarn colorway for an equally cool, comfortable shawl. So many choices!


For this project, I used a 40″ size 5 circular needle. The circular needle is just to accommodate the large amount of stitches you’ll have by the end; this piece is worked flat. Simple yarn over increases create the open spine, and the entire piece is worked in garter stitch. A shawl this easy begs to be knit in every color – so grab a skein of the limited edition Halcyon Signature Hand-Dyed Silk Noil Yarn, or any of your favorite variegated yarns and see where it takes you!

Love these bright hand-dyed hues? Check them all out, and see behind the scenes here! Making the Hand-Dyed Yarn Line



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