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Cottons – Weekend Flash Sale!

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Nothing says summer like soft, colorful cottons… especially on sale!

Enjoy 15% – 35% off your favorite summer yarns – now through Monday!


Blue Sky Fibers Organic Cotton Worsted Yarn Blue Sky Fibers Organic Cotton Worsted Yarn


Great Adirondack Organic DK Cotton Yarn Great Adirondack Organic DK Cotton Yarn


Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran Cotton Yarn Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran Cotton Yarn


Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton Yarn Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton Yarn


Regia Cotton Tutti Frutti Color Yarn Regia Cotton Tutti Frutti Color Yarn

Clearance, limited stock of Tutti Frutti!


Homestead 8/2 Cotton Yarn Homestead 8/2 Cotton Yarn


Cotton Boucle Yarn Cotton Boucle Yarn


Inca Organic Cotton Yarn Inca Organic Cotton Yarn

Plus – warm weather and dyeing are a great combination, open the doors, get outside and create some fresh color!


Indigo Tie Dye Kit  Indigo Tie Dye Kit


Procion Color Wheel Kit  Procion Color Wheel Kit
Procion Warp Painting Kit  Procion Warp Painting Kit

Procion Dye Kits and Individual Dye Colors all on sale!

Sale ends Monday 5/27/24 at midnight (ET). Curbside and telephone service will resume at noon Tuesday, closed Monday in recognition of Memorial Day.

Terrific Cotton Tips!

While it’s always useful year-round, cotton’s true time to shine is in the warmer seasons. This marvelous fiber is no stranger to knitting, but cotton does behave a little differently than other commonly used fibers. Don’t let that scare you, though! Cotton is more versatile than you might think. Whether you’re looking to make machine washable kid’s clothing, sturdy home decor, or delicate lace shawls, below are some great projects and tips for working with this wonderful plant-based fiber:

• Cotton has very little elasticity. That means the yarn doesn’t stretch or bounce back the way wool or other fibers might. This characteristic is a little less apparent in cotton blend yarns, especially when there is a good percentage of wool or synthetic fiber in the mix.

• Unmercerized cotton is very absorbent. Combined with its inelasticity, this means that cotton knits can sag quite a bit when wet. This sagging can also occur in larger pieces even when they aren’t wet, as the weight of the fabric can drag itself down. We suggest knitting at a snug gauge to keep things in place; you can also battle the sag by choosing firmer stitch patterns that don’t allow for much stretch. Linen stitch, moss stitch, and basketweave stitches are excellent options; ribbing is also often used in cotton projects. Or, try knitting horizontal pieces so the stretch goes against gravity!

• Cotton yarn is generally machine washable and dryable – however if you want a really exact fit you should try a swatch first to test for shrinkage. Be sure to measure your swatch before you finish it, and then wash/finish it the same way you will your finished piece. Just like a new pair of jeans, a newly knit cotton garment will often shrink a little in the first wash. Also just like new jeans, these cotton knits will soften and wear in the most comfortable, durable way.

• Also like those favorite jeans, dyed cotton colors will fade over time, giving it that soft, beachy look. If you’re using high contrast colors next to each other, be sure to swatch and test for colorfastness. Mercerized cottons have a shinier surface so colors tend to be more vibrant, while unmercerized cottons have a more matte finish and will tend to fade a bit faster.

• Cotton dyes beautifully, although colors will be less vibrant than those you may be used to if you normally dye wool. Use Indigo or Procion dyes, these will work beautifully on plant fibers!

• Cotton can be slippery! For newer knitters, we suggest you use bamboo needles to give you a little more control.

Although it can be a little bit different to work with if you’re used to stretchy wools, cotton is a wonderful fiber. With a little understanding of the qualities of this versatile, affordable fiber, you can create pieces that will wear beautifully and last for many years of enjoyment. Enjoy!

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