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Weaving Patterns Homeward Bound  Table Runner and Placemat Set
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Homeward Bound - Table Runner and Placemat Set (image A)

Homeward Bound - Table Runner and Placemat Set Weaving Pattern - Free with yarn purchase

Author: Emily Werner

Block Island is a lovely blend of natural fibers with a hint of sheen and a subtle interplay of shades within each thread. The cotton content provides absorbency, the linen/flax provides body and the rayon captures light in its sheen. It is easy to work with and the resulting fabric is sophisticated and with a somewhat homespun look. Using different colors for each mat's hem makes each one unique. Weave either 4 placemats and a matching table runner, or 6 placemats if you prefer. You will need a one pound cone of the main color and one mini cone each of the 4 contrasting colors.

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Block Island Blend
Block Island Blend
Homeward Bound  Table Runner amp Placemat Set  Pattern Download
Homeward Bound - Table Runner & Placemat Set ...