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Homestead Cotton Color Gamp - Pattern Download Weaving Pattern

Author: Halcyon Blake

The 12 color (wheel) gamp is a traditional way of providing weavers with a chance to “play with the crayons”. This project creates a color study in a combination of plain weave with a corner motif in huck lace, to hang in your weaving space for reference. For this summery and light-hearted interpretation we have provided an opportunity to weave six practical and beautiful kitchen towels (18.5” x 27”) suitable for hanging or gifting, plus a set of six beautiful fringed oversized "picnic" napkins (18.5" x 18.5”), perfect for al fresco dinners on the porch.

The project is suitable for intermediate beginners and beyond. This color study uses subdued versions of the 12 traditional colors plus black, white and grey in 8/2 Homestead unmercerized cotton. Written for a 4-shaft loom with a weaving width of at least 20.5 inches.

Sett: EPI 18 (we used a 12 dent reed with mixed sleying)

Beat 18 PPI.

Although 8/2 cotton threads are fairly fine and can be delicate on their own, the finished pieces are durable and very absorbent.

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Pattern gauge: 18 epi

print version: this pattern is also available as a pdf download.

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Homestead Cotton Color Gamp  Printed Pattern
Homestead Cotton Color Gamp - Printed Pattern