Krokbragd Patterns Weaving Book

Author: Debby Greenlaw
315 pgs. (paper, partial color)
ISBN number:9798718905199

Krokbragd is a beautiful weft-faced Scandinavian weaving technique that yields wonderfully colorful and elaborate motifs, yet is easier to weave than you'd imagine! Normally woven on 3 shafts this book also brings rigid heddle weavers into the fold. Explore

A follow up to the straightforward style and detailed instructions in Debby's first book "Krokbragd; How to Design & Weave," this gorgeous collection of patterns takes weavers deeper into this popular style with instructions for 18 projects to be woven on either a floor loom or a rigid heddle. The innovative approach to presenting the draft and instructions will give you the confidence to adapt and design your own creations as well.

Projects include rugs, towels, table runners and samplers in a range of materials and weights. Some are derived from traditional Scandinavian weaving while others offer interpretations of classic knitting and embroidery traditions as well as more contemporary graphic motifs.

The many colorways provided for each project provide great options to spark your creativity as well as helping any weaver to understand how colors interact and change the feel of a given motif. Detailed step-by-step directions along with helpful illustrations and photographs make Krokbragd Patterns a pleasure to read and an excellent resource for any weaver.

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