Little Looms Presents: 10 FAVORITE RIGID-HEDDLE PROJECTS- eBook Printed Copy Weaving Book

Author: Little Looms
33 pgs. (paper, color)
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Its no secret Long Thread Media loves rigid-heddle looms. These versatile little looms have been a leading star of Easy Weaving with Little Looms, but their sister publications have also showcased rigid-heddle loom projects. Searching those back issues of Handwoven and Spin Off yielded these hidden gems plus a few fan favorites from Little Looms. The result is this fantastic new collection that showcases patterns from the classics to the new horizons being explored with these versatile looms.

With towels for the home, clever and functional bags, and scarves youll use daily, this eBook has something for every weaver. Inside you'll find:

Bumple Scarf by Nancy Peck

Clasped-Weft Shawl by Bobbie Irwin

Houndstooth Bento Bag by Jennifer Miller Comstock

Janes Town Tote by Constance Hall

Modern Stripe Tea Towels by Tammy Bast

A Stash-Busting Blanket Scarf by Kellie Frances Reid

Subway Scarves by Peg MacMorris

Sugarplum Towels by Tammy Bast

Travelers Secret Pocket Cowl by Rachel Simmons

Wandering Paths Scarf by Susan E. Horton

Enjoy weaving everything in this treasury of projects from Long Thread Media!

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