Handwoven Master Weaver Series - Projects from Rosalie Neilson - eBook Printed Copy Weaving Book

Author: Handwoven
40 pgs. (paper, color)
ISBN number:HYEbookEP9009

If you have ever desired to learn about rep weaving or wish to weave more in this technique, the only master teacher to learn from is Rosalie Neilson. Thanks to her classes and articles, countless weavers have learned the magic of rep weaving, with pattern and color possibilities that boggle the imagination.

Rosalie is known for her exquisite sense of color and design including her keen mathmatical mind enability infinite rep weaving possibilities. Her passion is contagious as you flip through these pages and read what inspired her life-long


Enjoy nine rep weaving patterns including: a checkered past checkerboard rug, a rep table runner, block design for warp rep placemats,

gemstone rug in warp rep and more.

This ebook, and all of Halcyon Yarn's ebooks, are printed in full color on acid-free coated stock, saddle-stitched and ready for immediate browsing and convenient posting next to your loom.

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