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Weaver's Craft Issue 24

Do you remember the tablecloth on your mother's or grandmother's holiday dining table? It was probably white with fleur-de-lis patterning or curvilinear floral motifs that showed only in the right light. That's damask. Today's damask, however, is often woven with contrasting warp and weft colors to show the design better. Damask textiles have both warp- and weft-faced areas, pattern against background. The simplest damask structure is 1/3 and 3/1 broken twill, also called mock satin. On the same threading, the structure may also be woven as warp- and weft-faced twill. On a four-shaft loom, mock satin damask designs are easily woven with a pick-up technique, shown in two versions, one slightly faster than the other. Projects include small squares with a variety of snowflake designs and a tree design..

* Mock satin

* 2 pick-up methods

* 8 shaft damask

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