Weaver's Craft Issue 23

Whether you call it Barleycorn (Gerstenkorn in German), spot weave (droppdräll in Swedish), Spot Bronson, or diaper (J. and R. Bronson's original designation), this float weave is simple to thread and weave, and it has many variations. The reversibility of the fabric and the ease of design, threading, and treadling make this weave structure very versatile. Traditionally, barleycorn was used for linen textiles, but it is wonderful for scarves, throws, and blankets as well. Projects include Yellow Barleycorn Mats or Towels with a diamond pattern, Green Barleycorn Mats or Towels with ovals, Blue Barleycorn Mats or Towels with circles and lacy blocks, and Wool Barleycorn Throw with the same pattern as the blue mats or towels, and an unusual Two-Color Barleycorn Scarf.

• Designing Barleycorn

• Special selvedges for Barleycorn

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Suggested project and yarn pairing:
Weaveraposs Craft Issue 23
52 Pearl Cotton Yarn

• Project: Woven Green Barleycorn Mats or Towels
• From: Weaver's Craft Issue 23
• Using: 5/2 Pearl Cotton Yarn
• Yarn requirements: 1 lb coneSize: Four mats of towels measuring approximately 11 1/2" X 16"

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