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Weaving Cd-dvd

Dress Your Loom the Swedish Way

Becky Ashenden is a natural teacher. She makes no compromises by packing loads of information into a re... →more
6011010D • $49.95

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DVD Navajo Weaving

Interested in Navajo weaving? If so you will find this video both educational, and entertaining. After an in... →more
6027200D • $24.95 • in-stock

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DVD Dress Your Swedish Draw Loom

If you are considering adding a draw system to your countermarche loom or already have one, then this pr... →more
6011020D • $49.95 • in-stock

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DVD Introduction to Weaving

A general introduction to weaving, the tools, yarns, vocabulary, projects and equipment that will help you ch... →more
6001000D • $19.95 • in-stock

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DVD Warping the Loom Back to Front

You aren't alone anymore! Let Peggy Osterkamp hold your hand. In this well done video she explores th... →more
6018000D • $41.75 • in-stock

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