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JaggerSpun Maine Line 2/8 Yarn

Item: 0220010L Color:001 Cinnabar
Yarn Super Fine Wool   JaggerSpun Maine Line 2/8 Yarn color  001
1 lb cone:
  • $50.80, 1+
  • • $45.50, 2+
  • • $38.50, 10+
275 yd mini cone:
  • $11.20, 1+
  • • $9.90, 8 mini+
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Feel & see with a yarn sample card: Jagger Spun Sample Card for $3.50/ea.
  • Unit: 1 lb cone.
  • Fiber content: 100% Wool.
  • Knit gauge: 6.5 to 7 on sz 2 to 3.
  • Yards/pound: 2240.
  • Knitting weight: Super Fine.
  • Yardage/unit: 2240 yards / 1 lb cone.
  • Wraps/inch: 22 (wpi).
  • Weaving tabby sett: 12 to 14.
  • Weaving twill sett: 15 to 18.

Yarn description:

These versatile, high quality worsted spun yarns have become staples of commercial and recreational knitters, weavers, and others. Made in Maine of soft, medium grade wool, these yarns will easily make a way into clothing and other products. As a worsted spun yarn, it is smoother and shinier than woolen spun yarns, such as Harrisville. They also won't full as much when washed/finished, so plan on a closer sett or tighter gauge (finish your swatch to determine if you like the finished piece). JaggerSpun is dyed with the finest dyes possible. Excess dyes may be present in some colors so sample first. If excess dye is present, skein the yarn and rinse until the water runs clear. Deep purples may not be colorfast when exposed to sun, so avoid prolonged exposure to bright light.

Care Hand wash in cool water or dry clean. Lay flat to dry.

yarn tassel for JaggerSpun Maine Line 2/8 Yarn 022

Enlarge and explain tassel? Feel & see with a yarn sample card: Jagger Spun Sample Card for $3.50/ea.


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