Painted Sock Super Fine Yarn

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Color: 0110
vendor color: K PSOCK 110
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Painted Sock Super Fine Yarn details:
• Fiber content: 75% Superwash Wool, 25% Polyamide
• Gauge is 6.75-8 sts/in on US sz 1-3
• Super Fine
• Wraps/inch (wpi) 20
• Weaving tabby sett 10
• Weaving twill sett 12-13
• Yardage: 1990 yards/lb

  •    • 436 yards/two 50 g cakes

Painted Sock Super Fine Yarn description:

Colorful, self-striping gradient style in a superwash wool sock yarn. This hard-wearing washable sock yarn is great for shawls and accessories as well as for socks. If you're making socks this yarn will save you the headache of splitting the ball or wondering if they'll match. It comes in a clever and cute two-cake put up so if you're knitting two at a time and want to be sure they match there's no more guesswork or extra winding! For shawls or other items its convenient as well and you can try some beautiful "mirroring" colorwork.

Long lasting with polyamide reinforcement. Soft and colorful at a great price!

Care: machine wash gentle and lay flat to dry.