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Halcyon is a firm believer in the power of books to inspire. As a "how-to" resource, even with the world wide web at your finger tips, there is really no substitute for having a real, solid, "flip the page as you go" book or pattern by your side.

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Newest Books

Lopi Book 37

59004370 • $20.00 • in-stock

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Knitted Kalevala

This gorgeous new knitting book from the publishers of Laine includes 18 knitting patterns – sweaters, ca... →more
59006610 • $41.00 • in-stock

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Weaving BIG on a Little Loom

Weaving BIG on a Little Loom helps you create larger more ambitious projects on your smaller loom by dr... →more
55051210 • $27.95 • in-stock

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Learn to Weave on the Ashford Table Loom e-Booklet

Sturdy and fun to use, the Ashford 4 shaft Table Looms are easy to learn on tools for your we... →more
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Learn to Weave on the Ashford SampleIt Rigid Heddle Loom e-Booklet

Sturdy and fun to use the Sampleit Rigid Heddle Looms are easy to learn tools to start you weaving. As... →more
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Ashford Learn to Nuno Felt e-Booklet

Get started in Nuno felting with this helpful and easy-to-follow e-booklet from Ashford!Nuno felting i... →more
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Newest Magazines

Spin Off Summer 2023

* Blending With Recycled Fibers: Nepps, Noils, and Burrs, Oh My! * Get Darning! Handspun + A Little Loom * Mi... →more
55963230 • $9.99 • in-stock

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Handwoven May/June 2023

* See It To Believe It: Deflected Doubleweave Rugs! * Lean Into Color-and-Weave*... →more
55213230 • $9.99 • in-stock

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Vogue Knitting Sping/Summer 2023

* Design Evolution: Relaxed, Modern Knits for All the Times of Your Life * EZ's Top 5 Tips * Behind ... →more
55581230 • $11.99 • in-stock

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Selvedge - Issue 112: Wonder

May/June 2023On my return flight from Kochi, I reflect on a wonderful month spent in the company of a gro... →more
55576323 • $28.95 • in-stock

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Interweave Knits Summer 2023

* Results Are In! Summer Yarns Tested * 10 Endless Summer Knits: Garments for Warmer Weather... →more
59103230 • $9.99

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Ply - The Magazine for Handspinners - The Science Issue - Spring 2023 - Issue 40

Spring 2023: The Science Issue Are you interested in fibers like soy silk, pineapple, rose, and faux cashmer... →more
55971230 • $11.00 • in-stock

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CDs and DVDs

Dress Your Loom the Swedish Way

Becky Ashenden is a natural teacher. She makes no compromises by packing loads of information into a re... →more
6011010D • $49.95

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DVD Dress Your Swedish Draw Loom

If you are considering adding a draw system to your countermarche loom or already have one, then this pr... →more
6011020D • $49.95 • in-stock

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Crocheter's Guide - DVD

Tips on controlling gauge, reading both American and British instructions, reading charts, moving from row to... →more
6096200D • $19.95 • in-stock

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DVD Introduction to Weaving

A general introduction to weaving, the tools, yarns, vocabulary, projects and equipment that will help you ch... →more
6001000D • $19.95 • in-stock

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DVD Spinning and Plying Textured Yarns

Intermediate spinning DVD covering cables, knotted, soft twist single, spiral, 3-pass boucle and more. Le... →more
6098010D • $19.95 • in-stock

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Ready to start spinning on a wheel, or don’t quite have the control you’d like? This is the DVD for yo... →more
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