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Halcyon is a firm believer in the power of books to inspire. As a "how-to" resource, even with the world wide web at your finger tips, there is really no substitute for having a real, solid, "flip the page as you go" book or pattern by your side.

What's new? Drop on over to our new books section for full descriptions of the latest additions to our books, videos and patterns store.

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Books: Weaving (172), Multi-Craft (9), Braiding and Kumihimo (6), Spinning (41), Dyeing (14), Knitting (194), Bobbin Lace and Tatting (13), Rug Making (43), Crochet (45), Felting (12),

CD-DVD: Weaving (6), Spinning (2), Multi-Craft (2), Crochet (1), Rug Making (1),

Magazines: Multi-Craft (27), Weaving (47), Knitting (18), Spinning (21), Rug Making (7), Crochet (1),

Patterns: Knitting (595), Weaving (90), Bobbin Lace and Tatting (3), Felting (6), Crochet (29), Multi-Craft (4), Rug Making (4),

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Newest Books

Lopi 30th Anniversary Book 41

Classic and contemporary Icelandic designs in a range of beautiful Istex Lopi yarns. Celebrate 30 years of hi... →more
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Lopi Book 40

59004400 • $50.00 • in‑stock

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Lopi Book 38

59004380 • $50.00 • in‑stock

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Tapestry Weaving 101

Tapestry 101 is a beginning course for the person interested in learning how to weave tapestry. This book wi... →more
51094300 • $35.00 • in‑stock

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Nature's Colorways - conjuring the chemistry and culture of natural dyes

Discover astonishing sources, colors, and stories of natural dyes worldwide, from the soil beneath your fe... →more
57340200 • $24.99 • in‑stock

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Punch Needle Rug Hooking - Your Complete Resource to Learn and Love the Craft

The queen of the craft Amy Oxford offers to beginners and advanced crafters alike a one-stop resource! Th... →more
77770120 • $27.99 • Ships in: 2-4 weeks

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Newest Magazines

Selvedge - Issue 106, Identity

"Make our Stories Part of your Stories"Selvedge Magazine created by Polly Leonard celebrate... →more
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Handwoven May/June 2022

• 10 Terrific Twills• Explore Paper Weaving - Plain Weave to Twill• Tom Knisely Solves a... →more
55213220 • $7.99 • Ships in: No back orders

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Easy Weaving with Little Looms - Summer 2022

* Tapestry Spotlight - Techniques to take your weaving to the next level* Destination weaving - 18 projects ... →more
55921222 • $14.99 • in‑stock

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Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2022

* Inspiration, Exploration, Travel Time! * Mystic Knitting - Versatile knits for all climates*... →more
55581220 • $9.99 • in‑stock

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Ply - The Magazine for Handspinners - Goat - Spring 2022 - Issue 36

Spring 2022: The Goat IssueHave you ever wondered what types of goats are best for spinners? Do you know the ... →more
55971220 • $11.00 • in‑stock

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Vav Magasinet 1/22

* PET Lamp * Rag Weaves on Trend * Klippan Yllefabrik * Blankets and Throws... →more
55931220 • Sale $11.00 (orig. $17.95) • in‑stock

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CDs and DVDs

Deanne Fitzpatrick's Audio Book

Deanne Fitzpatrick brings you stories and diary excerpts about rug hooking, art and creativity. Written an... →more
606640CD • $19.95 • Ships in: 2-4 weeks

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Dress Your Loom the Swedish Way

Becky Ashenden is a natural teacher. She makes no compromises by packing loads of information into a re... →more
6011010D • $49.95 • Ships in: 2-4 weeks

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DVD Dress Your Swedish Draw Loom

If you are considering adding a draw system to your countermarche loom or already have one, then this pr... →more
6011020D • $49.95 • in‑stock

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Crocheter's Guide - DVD

Tips on controlling gauge, reading both American and British instructions, reading charts, moving from row to... →more
6096200D • $19.95 • in‑stock

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DVD Warping on a Shoestring - DVD

This speed warping method will jump-start your next weaving project. In this 39 minute video you will see; ty... →more
6015200D • $19.95 • in‑stock

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DVD Introduction to Weaving

A general introduction to weaving, the tools, yarns, vocabulary, projects and equipment that will help you ch... →more
6001000D • $19.95 • in‑stock

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