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Carefree Crochet Crochet Book

Author: May Britt Bjella Zamori
153 pgs. (hard, color)
ISBN number:9781570768880

50 Soft, Fashionable Projects That Make You Feel Good

Welcome to your introduction to the beauties of carefree crochet! May Britt Bjella Zamori is firmly in love with the possibilities of dynamic openwork, playing with yarn weight, and crochet that's easy and undeniably wearable at the same time. In this eyeopening collection, you'll find soft, lovely crochet pieces for both summer and winter use; big and small projects like scarves, short and long vests; heavy, cozy yarns for longsleeved sweaters and light, drapey yarns for dresses and skirts. Plus cushions, accessories, blankets, and so much more! Projects are for all skill levels.

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