Procion Dye (Brown Rose) PMX1-126

Procion Fiber Reactive dyes are simple to use and offer amazing versatility to the adventurous dyer. Although they are specially formulated for cellulose fibers like cotton, linen, ramie and rayon they also work well on silk. They are considered cold water" dyes because they react with the cellulose fibers at 90F - making them great for solar dyeing, tie dyeing and batik. For plant fibers the only auxiliaries you will need are salt and soda ash. Synthrapol, a wetting agent, is optional but very helpful for rinsing excess dye out of your project. Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes can also be used on protein fibers but you need different auxiliaries and the dye bath must be simmered. Procion fiber Reactive Dyes are available in 42 colors and come in 2/3 ounce reclosable plastic jars. Each jar contains enough dye for 3 to 5 pounds of fiber, yarn or fabric. If you are trying to match colors please request color card for accuracy.

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