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by: Sierra Roberts

Learn to Knit!

With 2017 still fresh as a daisy, why not use these last few bleak months of winter to learn a new skill?

There are so many resources out there for knitting advice, techniques, lessons, etc. Every person has their own style of teaching, and every student has their own style of learning. I’ve put together a few videos and products that, in my opinion, are all you really need to get right down to clicking those needles. Today I want to tell you how easy it can be to make something fun and beautiful for yourself, even if you aren’t an expert knitter.

How to Knit is an inexpensive booklet that is filled with everything a beginner to advanced beginner would need to know. If you like to teach yourself by looking at pictures and following written instructions, this is the book for you.  It contains the basics you’ll need to start out, and then many next steps for when you’re ready to get fancy. I would like to warn you, though: don’t be overwhelmed by all that information! You don’t need to know everything right off the bat.


How to Knit  How to Knit

Actually, we made some videos to make it even easier. All you have to know to start knitting are a few basic skills, such as how to:

Cast On

In order to start knitting, you’ll have to start with some stitches on your needle.  There are a lot of different ways to do this, and each has its own purpose.  In this video, I show you how to make a slip knot to start, and then I demonstrate the way I learned how to cast on when I was a little girl, a method I’ve continued to use for most projects since.  Click the link here to watch it:


There are two basic stitches in knitting, and you’ve probably heard of them.  Knit and purl.  One thing at a time, though!  This video shows you how to make a knit stitch, which can be used alone to create a myriad of awesome things.  Click the link here to watch it:

Bind Off

Ok, so you’re done knitting and you’re ready to… well, stop.  In this video I show you the simplest way to “bind off”, which is how you finish your work in such a way as to not have it unravel on you.  Like casting on, there are a bunch of different ways to bind off.  This is the first way I learned, and it’s still my primary go-to method.  Remember to keep it loose!  Click here to watch the video:

You’ll notice that this cowl requires you to know how to sew a seam. We’ve got a video for that, too!

Sew Seams

Click here to watch it:

Ready to put all of these together?  I wrote up a pattern just for that purpose. You can download it right from our website. For free! It’s the Easy: Learn to Knit Cowl Pattern Download, and I’ve seen a lot of first time knitters make it, with amazing results. It uses one skein of Lamb's Pride Bulky Yarn. I’ve also seen folks make it with Malabrigo Mecha Yarn and Malabrigo Caracol Yarn, with stunning results. And for those of you who already know how to knit, this is a great quick project. If you’re needing a last minute gift idea, or you’ve got about 100 yards of bulky weight yarn that needs a purpose, this is a nice option. A few other things you’ll need for this project are Bamboo 12" Single-point Knitting Needles, Size 15 and Large-eyed Tapestry Needles (Susan Bates) Sz 13.


Easy: Learn to Knit Cowl Pattern Download  Easy: Learn to Knit Cowl Pattern Download
Lamb's Pride Bulky Yarn Lamb's Pride Bulky Yarn
Malabrigo Mecha Yarn Malabrigo Mecha Yarn
Malabrigo Caracol Yarn Malabrigo Caracol Yarn
Bamboo 12" Single-point Knitting Needles, Size 15  Bamboo 12" Single-point Knitting Needles, Size 15
Large-eyed Tapestry Needles (Susan Bates) Sz 13  Large-eyed Tapestry Needles (Susan Bates) Sz 13

What else to make…? If you’re not so much into cowls as Fingerless Mitts, you can use all these same skills and resources to make a pair of those bad boys, too. Check out my post on easy fingerless mitts, which includes a free read-along pattern for how to make them!

You can use the same techniques and skills to make the Whole Wide World - Fingerless Mitts Download too!


Whole Wide World - Fingerless Mitts Download  Whole Wide World - Fingerless Mitts Download

I myself have started trying my hand at tapestry weaving (inspired by the book DIY Woven Art by Rachel Denbow), but more on that another time…


DIY Woven Art  DIY Woven Art


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