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Summer News & Favorites

Check out our annual Sunshine Report! We’re a little yarn store with big hopes for the future, here’s how we’re doing our part to make the world a little brighter. 2021 Sunshine Report!

In search of inspiration? Check out some fresh favorites on our Summer Reading List Below!

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Summer Reading List

Selvedge – 101, Grow

Every issue of Selvedge magazine is a feast for the eyes and each story transports us to a new realm of textile creativity. Selvedge Issue 101, Grow is in stock now and it elevates the most mundane of materials – straw – as a vehicle for so many beautiful projects, techniques, and cultural expressions. As always, the writing is thoughtful and the images are gorgeous.

Krokbragd Patterns, by Debby Greenlaw

Fans of krokbragd rejoice! Whether you already love it, or are curious to get started, Debby Greenlaw has done it again with a new book, Krokbragd Patterns, devoted entirely to this wonderful Scandinavian technique. Featuring 18 new designs along with a range of color options for each. Delve deeper into the many possibilities and materials that make these weft-faced weavings a treat to make!


Krokbragd - How to Design and Weave  Krokbragd - How to Design and Weave

Debby’s first book, Krokbragd, How to Design and Weave, is also excellent!

PLY, Issue #35 – Electric

PLY’s summer issue is all about the wonderful world of electric spinners! We’ve become big fans of these little machine’s to create a great range of yarns quickly and consistently. Don’t let either the technique or the price put you off – these little wonders of efficiency are surprisingly easy to get the hang of and are worth every penny. Grab a copy and get plugged in!

The Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, Summer 2021 #278

The UK Journal for Weavers, Spinners, and Dyers always brings an array of practical knowledge as well as showcasing the incredible talents of guild members. We love this summer’s articles by Linda More on “Dyeing a Colour Wheel Using Acid Dyes,” as well as Selma Sindram’s piece on “Weaving in the Netherlands.”

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