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Sports team colors in yarn: how to find ’em!

Excited about knitting for your team? We’ve heard a lot about this lately. But then yesterday a fellow staff member remarked “but, ugh, but how could I find Seattle Seahawks colors? We have like 5,000 yarn colors”…

The answer is in this video. The links to the team-color-match tool for each league are below. Check out this video first on finding your team colors in yarn:


Then click on your league to get started:

Truth be told, I had to laugh when nobody on staff new about our sports-team yarn-color matcher tool. Isn’t that the way I guess? We’ve had this published for several weeks, and the team color matcher has had some use… but not a lot, and not a lot of feedback either. That’s why I put together the quick video above to introduce it, and how to use it. It seemed to find Seahawks colors well enough to generate enthusiasm :-)

We have a lot of yarn, and finding matching colors can be hard / overwhelming with thousands of options… But it doesn’t have to be hard! Hope that the tool is useful to some, and please comment or contact me with feedback.

Any weavers or crocheters want to take up the call? Have a rigid heddle that you could devote to the cause for a seasson? We’d love to see some team-colors weaving and crochet projects too… Thanks and have a good season, and lots of fun weaving, crocheting, and knitting!

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7 thoughts on “Sports team colors in yarn: how to find ’em!”

  1. Sheri short says:

    I am a Crocheter and I am making mess bun hats and I am looking for team colors to use..any help would be greatly appreciated… Thank you..

    1. Amos says:

      Hi Sheri, Thanks for checking in and hope the hats are going well! Let me know with any info that you need help with, are you looking for colors for a specific team? Do you have a pattern you’re using, and need specific weight yarn? Happy to help, feel free to message me back or even to call the store with questions. Cheers.

  2. Laurel says:

    Can you publish colors for the new Atlanta United FC soccer team please. First game is in a few months.

    1. Amos says:

      Hi Laurel,Thanks for the heads up about Atlanta United! I’ve added the links to the Atlanta pages at the top of the MLS listing: Good luck on the first season that’s awesome! Best, Amos

  3. Sam says:

    Have you considered the top college team colors? I am looking for a variegated Virginia Tech Maroon and burnt orange combination. For now I think I am going to have to just use the orange for a trim.
    Thank you I appreciate your help.

    1. Amos says:

      Hi! Sorry to be replying with such delay, just seeing this. We do have a good number of NCAA teams listed here:
      And the Virginia Tech Hokies (that the one?) are here:
      Medium weight yarns:
      Heavy weight yarns:
      Light weight yarns:

      I actually just updated the color codes for Virginia Tech from their official style guide as the ones we had looked a little different.

      Thanks for the comment/question and please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help!

  4. Jess says:

    The team color finder is a neat idea.

    I just wish it would “pair up” the two colors for a given type of yarn.

    That is to say, I would want to see a single yarn (i.e. Lamb’s Pride Worsted Yarn) in the two target colors (i.e. 0810 DeepPine and 0570 SunburstGold) right next to each other.

    Otherwise, I would be very hesitant to mix yarn types unless I was very familiar with them..

    Hopefully I’m making some sort of sense. :)


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