Ply - The Magazine for Handspinners - Sweater - Winter 2023 - Issue 43

Winter 2023: The Sweater issue

Do you want to spin a great sweater yarn?

Want to know how to use handpainted braids to their best effect?

Wonder how to copy (and improve on) your favorite commercial yarn?

Whether youre deep into handspinning sweaters, want to make your first, or never seem to have enough yarn, this issue is perfect for you.

Its anchored by four beautiful handspun sweaters and answers so many questions about handspinning for sweaters how much yarn youll need and what to do if you find yourself running short; how to pick a pattern for handspun and what makes handspun sweater-worthy; how to spin handpainted braids for sweaters; how to blend on cards, boards, and at the wheel; how to copy your favorite commercial yarn (and make it better); which ply structure gives you the best stitch definition; how the gauge shifts in woolen yarns; and how to handle texture in longdraw spinning, plus more!

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