Spin-Off Presents: How to Spin It, Making Yarn from Scratch - eBook Printed Copy Spinning Book

Author: Editors of Spin-Off
28 pgs. (paper, color)
ISBN number:

From adding the very first twist to a handful of fiber to washing and skeining your handspun yarn, an amazing world opens up when you begin spinning. Enjoy this excellent resource on spinning yarn from scratch!

You'll love this eBook if:

You want to get started on a handspindle and understand what fibers can be spun

You want to learn how to use twist energy in your spinning

You are seeking to expand your knowledge and find new inspiration in your spinning

You want to learn how to make spinning easier and faster

Table of Contents:

Getting Started

Spinning on the Hooked Stick

Speeding it up: Using the Handpsindle

Processing Your First Yarn

Plying on Your Spindle

Fiber Preparations

Yarn Finishing


Scouring (Washing) Your Wool

The End and the Beginning


This eBook opens the door into the world of natural fibers and the yarns that can be made from them. Have fun and spin a good yarn!

This ebook, and all of Halcyon Yarn's ebooks from interweave, are printed in full color on acid-free coated stock, saddle-stitched and ready for immediate browsing and convenient posting next to your wheel.

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