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Chickadee Woven Blanket Weaving Pattern - Free with yarn purchase

Author: Emily Werner

Chickadee will soon be your go-to blanket to keep warm on cool nights. A deceptively easy to weave and delightfully squishy six-point herringbone twill makes this an excellent project for advanced beginners and beyond. This blanket is woven in two panels to accommodate narrower loom widths.

Finished measurements: Each panel should measure approx. 20.5" x 50.5" (plus fringe) after washing. 41" x 50.5" after seaming, plus fringe.

Yarn: Norumbega by Halcyon Signature

Color A: 3 skeins

Color B: 2 skeins

Color C: 2 skeins

Color D: 2 skeins

Equipment: 4 shaft loom, weaving width of at least 23"

Reed capable of 8 E.P.I. (4 or 8 dent recommended)

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Pattern gauge: 8 EPI; 8-9 PPI Yarn weight: Medium Yardage needed: 1440 yards

print version: this pattern is also available as a pdf download.

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