Lovely Day Rep Weave Placemats - Download Weaving Pattern - Free with yarn purchase

Author: Halcyon Blake & Linda Healy

Pull up a chair to these lovely table settings! Woven cotton placemats in a 2-block, 4-shaft rep weave. A wonderful project for learning about rep weave, in which closely spaced warps are woven in plain weave with alternating thick and thin wefts. This weave structure allows you to play with blocks of color.

Lovely Day rep weave placemats show off the color block interactions in high sheen 5/2 Pearl Cotton, along with a heavier cotton "filler" yarn. Use a main background color (MC) and four harmonious colors (A B C D) in the tightly sett warp (40 EPI).

See Yardage Below!

Makes eight machine washable mats, approximately 12 by 16 finished.

Requires a 4-shaft loom, weaving width of at least 12 inches, and a reed capable of 40 epi (we used a 10 dent).


Item #083

Main Color - 1,565

Color A - 285

Color B - 375

Color C - 375

Color D - 285

Item #061 16/8 Cotton

225 yards

Thin Weft Item #084 10/2 Pearl Cotton

400 yards

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Yarn weight: Combination

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Lovely Day Rep Weave Placemats Pattern
Lovely Day Rep Weave Placemats Pattern

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