Easy Weaving with Supplemental Warp Weaving Book

Author: Deb Essen
144 pgs. (hard, color)
ISBN number:9780764364709

In Easy Weaving with Supplemental Warps you'll learn how to create areas of pattern along the length of your fabric and to weave sumptuous textured fabrics, all with one shuttle and on only four shafts. Best of all, with Deb Essen's techniques, you won't need a supplementary warp beam to do it. Featuring Overshot, Velvet, Shibori, and More.

Back in print by popular demand the revised edition (2022) is expnaded to feature almost twice as many projects as the original edition. Handweavers will learn weaving expert Deb Essen's easy warping method, how to turn drafts for one-shuttle weaving, and Deb's tips and techniques for warping a supplementary draft successfully. Once you have the warping down, weave any of the projects using the weave structures Deb teaches you. Each project explores a different supplemental warp structure, from turned overshot and monk's belt to Bedford cord and even velvet. And no second back beam is required for your loom!

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