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Shadow weave was introduced to weavers in 1942, when Mary Meigs Atwater invented this incredibly versatile method of creating woven pattern.

Shadow weave had perhaps occurred somewhere, before, but never had it been identified in a way that allowed its application to be so vast.

Shadow weave is a subset of the category color-and-weave. This is the name given to fabrics in which the same alternating colors or groups of colors are used in both the warp and the weft. When you look at these fabrics, your eyes do not distinguish the difference between warp threads and weft threads (as they do with weaves such as twill, for example). Instead, you notice the difference between both warp and weft threads of one color vs warp and weft threads of the other color.

Shadow weave is the term reserved for fabrics in which the color alternation is one-and-one. When other orders are used (two-and-one, two-and-two, etc., the effects are called color-and-weave.

Use this eBook to learn how to design your own patterns in both color-and-weave and shadow weave as well as to weave these innovative and incredibly beautiful fabrics.

This ebook, and all of Halcyon Yarn's ebooks, are printed in full color on acid-free coated stock, saddle-stitched and ready for immediate browsing and convenient posting next to your loom.

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