Easy Weaving with Little Looms - Spring 2024


• Tartan by Rose James

• Excerpt: Adorable Beasts Sloth by Meg Stump

• The Beat Goes On by Elisabeth Hill

• Pin-Loom Plaids and Checks by Gabi van Tassell

• Tapestry Weaving on Opposite Directions by Claudia Chase and Elena Kawachi


• Celtic Square Baby Blanket by Anthony Thompson (pin loom)

• Modular Block Runner by Sara C. Bixler (rigid heddle)

• Tumbling Blocks Blanket by Malynda Allen (rigid heddle)

• Fashion Plaid Wrap by Sara Goldenberg White (rigid heddle)

• A Quilters Scarf by Gabi van Tassell (pin loom)

• Sunshine on Your Shoulders by Shilpa Nagarkar (rigid heddle)

• Spring Forward Towels by Michele Marshall (rigid heddle)

• Blooms on Blue Runner by Kelly Casanova (rigid heddle)

• Tabletop Pop by Yvonne Ellsworth (rigid heddle)

• Escher Placemats by Michele Marshall (rigid heddle)

• Pin-Loom Patchwork Bag by Margaret Stump (pin loom)

• Checkers to Go by Katherine Augustine (pin loom)

• Noughts and Crosses by Angela K. Schneider (pin loom)

• Royal Chessboard by Joan Sheridan (inkle)

• Lilacs and Lace by Rachel Simmons (rigid heddle)

• Tiny Trinket Boxes by Margaret Stump (pin loom)

• Argyle Purse by Deborah Bagley (pin loom)

• Lovely Leno Scarf by Blanca De La Sotilla (rigid heddle)

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