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Newport 16/2 Linen Yarn

Item: 1781010L Color:101
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Yarn Lace Linen   Newport 16/2 Linen Yarn color  101

Halcyon Yarn's Signature Newport Linen is an outstandingly high quality 100% linen yarn. Our signature Newport Linen is a perfect balance of earthy and enduring, yet refined and modern; everything a linen should be. Halcyon's Newport Linen is a classic and versatile weaving yarn. Linen yarn is very durable and softens beautifully with wear, it’s also surprisingly absorbent for use in towels or other linens. The long continuous flax fibers create a satiny-smooth finish with a subtle glow. The Newport Linen flax line is spun dry rather than wet spun to retain the natural, fibery look of linen. Newport Linen is a Halcyon Yarn exclusive, spun and dyed to our exact specifications. This versatile fiber is equally perfect for heirloom linens and contemporary textile designs. Newport Linen is not often used in knitting, however the crisp texture can lend body and interest when used in combination or as an accent with other yarns. Newport Linen is an excellent choice for woven drapery, table linens, and yardage for clothing or upholstery.

Newport Linen is available in economical 1 pound cones or in convenient 300 yard mini cones.

Newport Linen care:

The color line of Halcyon’s Signature Newport Linen (item #178) and Block Island Blend (item #099) mirrors that of our Casco Bay Cottons (items #096, #097 & #098), making these yarns perfectly compatible. Mix and match these great yarns in your favorite projects. As always, we recommend sampling before you start your project to determine gauge or sett, and to ensure colorfastness especially when using contrasting colors. It is not uncommon for excess dye to be present in strong colors. If bleeding occurs, loosely skein the yarn, wash until the water runs clear and let it hang dry.

Wash finished pieces gently in cold water by hand or machine using mild detergent. Can be tumbled dry, pressing damp will help linen maintain its crisp and elegant finish.

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Selected: 1 lb cone.
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1 lb cone:
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  • • $54.00, 2+
  • • $45.00, 10+
300 yd mini cone:
  • $9.95, 1+
  • • $8.95, 8 mini+
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Unit: 1 lb cone.
Fiber content: 100% dry spun Linen.
Yards/pound: 2400.
Knitting weight: Lace.
Yardage/unit: 2400 yards / 1 lb cone.
Wraps/inch: 30 (wpi).
Weaving tabby sett: 15 to 18.
Weaving twill sett: 20 to 24.

yarn tassel for Newport 16/2 Linen Yarn 178

Enlarge and explain tassel? For color accuracy please see sample card: Casco Bay Colors Sample Card for $3.50/ea.


Newport 16/2 Linen Yarn is wonderful in these book based projects:

Book name: Best of Handwoven Weaving with Linen - eBook Printed Copy
Lacy linen curtains by Selma Miriam, on pg. 17.
Materials needed: Four shaft loom with 20" weaving width, 15 dent reed, temple, matching sewing thread..
Yarn used: Newport 16/2 Linen.
Book name: Best of Handwoven - Top Ten Placemats on Four Shafts -Handwoven eBook Printed Copy
Plaid Placemats with Easy Inlay Patterning, on pg. 20.
Materials needed: 4 shaft loom, 20 dent reed, black sewing thread..
Book name: Best of Handwoven Weaving with Linen - eBook Printed Copy
Lines of lace in linen by Suzie Liles, on pg. 21.
Materials needed: Four shaft 22" loom with 10 dent reed..
Yarn used: Newport 16/2 Linen Yarn.
Book name: Best of Handwoven Weaving with Linen - eBook Printed Copy
Lacy linen lite: a runner by Norma Smayda, on pg. 27.
Materials needed: Three shaft loom with 20 dent reed, sewing thread to match linen..
Yarn used: Newport 16/2 Linen Yarn.
Book name: Knit Wear - Spring 2013
Die Cut Vest, on pg. 82.
Materials needed: Size 2 16" and 24" circular needles.
Yarn used: Newport 16/2 Linen Yarn.

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