Superfine 400 Alpaca Braid Fine Yarn

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Color: 0150
vendor color: 3000 150 EMBERS
Yarn 19101500  color 0150
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Superfine 400 Alpaca Braid Fine Yarn details:
• Fiber content: 100% Superfine Alpaca
• Gauge is 5-6.5 sts/in on US sz 2-7
• Fine
• Wraps/inch (wpi) 16-18
• Weaving tabby sett 8-9
• Weaving twill sett 10-11
• Yardage: 1,800 yards/lb

  •    • 1,000 yards/250 gm

Superfine 400 Alpaca Braid Fine Yarn description:

Superfine 400 Alpaca Braids are a super-soft sport weight delight! This luxurious and 100% natural 3-ply alpaca provides all the warmth and drape you dream of in alpaca. You'll enjoy beautiful stitch definition and gorgeous colors, from soft heathers to vibrant jewel tones.

Each braid combines five colors for about 1,000 total yards. Fine colorwork, bold color-blocking and tonal stripes are all possible with a single braid - or just grab one for the stash knowing it won't sit for long with so many possibilities in each colorful braid.

The ample yardage also makes this a perfect item for weavers as this yarn will work beautifully in both warp and weft. Save the step of picking colors and make a simple striped twill or plain weave warp, then weave your weft in the same blocks of color for a gorgeous shawl.

Not sure what to get your favorite fiber-freak, or wool-averse yarnie? These alpaca braids make a fun and versatile gift!

Seeking quick inspiration? Use one (or all) of the free patterns for knit and crochet, designed just for these fun braids by Yarn and Soul.

(The patterns are free with purchase of any braid - just remember to add the item to your cart so we can include it with your braid.)

Color: 0015
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Yarn 19100150  color 0015
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Color: 0150
vendor color: 3000 150 EMBERS
Yarn 19101500  color 0150
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vendor color: 3000 140 DAY DREAM
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