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Double Point Knitting Needles

Double point knitting needles are most often used for knitting-in-the-round, and are an alternative to circular needles. Quite often they are used for smaller projects where a circular needles tend to be too big; think socks, mitten and gloves, the tip of a cap (though there are big double point projects too!). A great option in your knitting needle bag of tricks, a set of double points is a joy to use once you're used to it, and can really free you up to control your tension properly. You'll come to appreciate the subtle differences offered by different needles. Having a good range of sizes is important as you tackle new projects, adjusting your needle size properly to work with your yarn and individual knitting style is the heart of knitting! Please feel free to call us with questions, and, enjoy!

Double Points

Brittany 4" Cable Knitting Needles - (3)

Set of 3, 4" birch cable needles which are tapered toward the center to hold the stitches. Sizes #2, 6, and 8 for sport, worsted, and bulky yarns. Our favorite!

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Dreamz Cable (Knitting Needle) by Knitter's Pride

Knitter's Pride DreamZ cable needles are made of densified laminated birch from Vermont. Set of 3 needles in sizes 3, 6 & 9 have grooves to prevent your stitches from slipping. Colorful to look at and fun as well as fun to use.

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Knitter's Pride Karbonz Double Point 6" Sock Needle Set

Karbonz 6" sock needle set from Knitter's Pride needles have all the strength and flexibility of carbon fiber coupled with the class brass tips. Set includes six double point needles in size US 0-3 (Metric 2-3.25). Case is black and grey fabric with vinyl.

Item Number: 7030000S $75.00    Add