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A few weeks ago we introduced you to the Solid Wood Palm Washboard, a fantastic tool for wet felting. We’ve now gone one step further and made a video so you can see it in action. I think you’ll agree it’s one cool little tool that definitely belongs among your felting tools. This video is also a mini-introduction to wet felting (with the Palm Washboard) so if you’ve ever been curious, take a gander!

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Two beautiful yarns have been put on sale! Add a little luxury to your stash and pick up Lobsterpot Lace Weight Cashmere and Berroco Flicker Alpaca Yarn while supplies last! Quantities are limited – we suggest calling in your order at 1-800-341-0282, as always sale yarn is not back ordered or returnable.


Berroco Flicker is reduced 25% to $9.95 – A beautiful blend of baby alpaca, acrylic and metallic.


Great for accessories like the Glistening Light Cowl - Seguin Collection-Berroco Flicker and Lace Weight Mohair/Silk requiring 2 skeins plus one ball of Angel by Debbie Bliss. Bonus: the pattern is free with the purchase of the yarn! Another favorite: one skein is all it takes for Fingerless Gloves and Mitts 5 sts/1"


Lobsterpot Cashmere is reduced 30% to $36.95!


Wrap yourself in cashmere for under $74 with the 2 skein Heirloom Lace Cashmere Wrap Heirloom Lace Cashmere Wrap - Pattern Download.


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Felters, have you heard the news? The legendary Harrisville Dyed and Carded Wool Fiber can now be purchased in convenient 1/4 lb bags. Smaller quantities means you can let your inner color enthusiast go crazy. Pick up a bag or 2, or better yet pick up 5 bags and you’ll get a price break (regularly $9.95 per bag, they’ll go down to $8.80). The Harrisville fleece is dyed in the wool for the brightest and truest colors and then multiple colors are blended together, resulting in colors with extraordinary depth and interest. The colors will add a magical quality to all your felting. Fantastic for both needle and wet felting.

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Interweave’s new magazine Felted Summer/Fall 2015 has just arrived. If you’ve ever been intrigued by the magical world of felting, this is the magazine for you. Felted explores all things felt from needle felting, nuno felting, traditional wet felting, stitching with commercially made felt to creating with recycled felt. There are 24 projects in all. So come see what the wonderful world of felting has to offer.

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Understand atomic models, complex hyperbolic geometry, and coral reefs?


I won’t deny: You have to focus a little to read this article, but it got us started on the wonderful intersections of knitting, crochet, weaving and fiber in the sciences. It’s on the historic and current role that knitting has played in the lives of some prominent scientists. But it’s really cool, even if you’re not going to knit a tangible version of an abstract mathematical surface.


But if you are inclined to knit (crochet, in this case) a complex hyperbolic surface, check out this TEDx video of Daina Taimina. It’s cool, if nerdy. The wonderful things about this video: a) you may actually gain an understanding of complex surfaces without knowing anything about math and b) you may make your own complex hyperbolic surface because they’re just fun! Knitting pattern here, along with many other mathematical knitting projects… But these are best crocheted, and here is the definitive, mathematically rigorous, pattern and explanation as a pdf (with a nice connection to Maine, where she made the first one!). Turns out, Daina’s creations translate wonderfully into coral reef critters, and many (including the Smithsonian) have participated in a project that has done just that!


We do have two patterns that are a variation on these patterns. While not mathematically rigorous, they make a great scarf that can be knit or crocheted! Check out: Crochet Curlique 2 Ways and  Knit Curlique 2 Ways - two DK/Medium yarns - Pattern download


We bet if you call ’em complex hyperbolic scarves, no body will know the difference!


Fiber arts neuroscience – it’s fun!


For something a little more approachable – here is a wonderful story of teaching kids of all ages neuroscience and brain-health concepts through playing with fiber. Turns out there is a *wonderful* educational resource for brain health and fiber arts in pdf form that anyone can use and adapt.  Great projects for all – from expert crocheters to yarn-wraping-absolute-beginner-kids.

Weaving to the rescue? We hope so.


In Scotland, wild cats are in grave danger, with dwindling populations in peril. Efforts are underway however to provide safe zones where the risk of interbreeding with domestic cats are reduced and habitat is protected. A novel avenue of support comes from a custom designed tartan; hand weaving to the rescue! What other efforts could benefit from hand woven creations?

Meanwhile in Iceland: Grandma, knitting, paragliding?


A glorious-25-second video of knitting while hang gliding. Because!

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We’re pleased to bring you a wonderful new yarn: Sakkie Cape Town Collection from the Cape Town Collection by Plymouth Yarn!  So excited that we’re offering it to you at an introductory price of $23.35 (normally $25.95) through July!*


Kid mohair, superwash merino and nylon unite in this stunningly soft and luxurious fingering weight yarn.  The kid mohair creates a gentle halo and provides natural warmth in winter and cooling properties in summer.  Nylon gives Sakkie strength and the superwash merino ensures ultimate softness and washability. Shown knit in Fingerless Gloves and Mitts, Fingering Weight  and Classic Socks  – Sakkie is a dream for hands and feet!


But why stop there?  Try Sakkie in shawls and sweaters, too!   


*No additional discounts apply, price valid until midnight July 31st, EST.

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With its unique fiber combination of 35% Hemp/Flax, 35% Cotton and 30% Rayon, Block Island Blend is a stand out among Halcyon’s Signature Yarns. We’ve been excited about this yarn all along – even more so as we’ve brought production closer to home. If you’re not familiar with this yarn you’re missing out. This stylish 3-ply yarn has one ply of a gentle slub cotton for textural interest, one ply of rayon for subtle sheen and one ply of a hemp/linen blend for added body and strength. You’ll love the wonderful textural dimension it adds to both woven and knitted pieces. Each fiber takes the dye slightly differently creating rich tonal colors and with 29 colors there’s lots to love. Make sure you check out Halcyon’s video highlighting Block Island Blend to see this distinct yarn.


We love it that customers are looking for more locally produced yarns. We’re fortunate that producing yarn to our stringent standards has become possible in Maine.  Block Island Blend is spun by our good friends at JaggerBrothers, just up the road in Springvale. The spun yarn heads back down to the coast to new and wonderful Saco River Dyehouse to be dyed. Finished yarns are stocked in our one-and-only retail location in Bath, waiting for your visit or order!


Long known for its elegance and sophistication in woven wraps and table linens such as the Woven Cowl Wrap - Block Island Blend and the Seguin Sunset Table Set weaving pattern, Block Island is now being discovered and loved by knitters. The new Knitter's Magazine Issue 119 Summer 2015 features Block Island Blend color 211 (8211) in Therese Chynoweth’s Mint Cascade, a gorgeous cardigan with set in sleeves with each side framed by lacey cascading leaves. Of course we’ve always known it’s a fantastic yarn for knitting. We’ve experimented knitting it at multiple gauges with both a single strand as well as doubled. There’s something to love about each swatch. One of our all time favorite sweater patterns is the Very Versatile Neck Down Hoodie / hooded pullover by Knitting Pure and Simple in which we used 2 stands of Block Island knit at 4 stitches per inch. How about lace? Just 3 mini cones is all it takes for the Heirloom Lace Scarf in Signature Block Island Blend. Give Block Island Blend a try and let us know what you think.



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Great gifts? It goes without saying that if you’re looking for a “slam-dunk home-run” gift to for any sports fan, or aspiring college student (we now have an NCAA school yarn color matching section) – knitting something up in team or school colors is goanna be a “hat trick” (even if it’s not a hat).

Knitting is a great way to pass game time, weather you’re into watching the game or not. Knitting can also be a great way to show support for your favorite team or school -by making a hat, scarf, blanket, ball, or other work in team colors!

And guess what – picking colors with our COLOR PICKER is FUN – so many yarns and so many colors! The COLOR PICKER is an awesome tool which identifies closest color matches from the thousands of yarns we carry in the colors of your team or school. You’ve got to try it. Here’s a how-to-intro video to get oriented:


Free patterns to the rescue?

Once you have your yarns picked out – time for a pattern. We’ve done some scouring of the world wide web, and here are some of our favorites that can be knit up in team colors. Free patterns? Yup, that is what we found! We’ve also included some of our favorite tried-and-true (but possibly not free) patterns.

This Soccer ball, and this one too, are pretty awesome – quick and easy, works for rabid soccer fans as well as for kids, dogs and kitties. For those wanting a larger variation – here is one that die-hard fans will love! Pick American or English soccer team colors for these projects.



Here is a great knit scarf pattern for team colors – simple, cozy, great for anyone [you know] heading off to college in  the fall! The School Spirit Striped Scarf (below, right) is a quick and easy pattern that’d work with any team or school colors!


The last lace scarf and color block scarf from SportsFanKnitting add a little in complexity but are a wonderful way to support any team with style!


How about a knit football pattern? Fun to “throw at the TV in case of a bad call” according to one pattern designer. Pattern works with two colors “out of the box”. Two patterns to choose: pattern one (left) or pattern two!

knit-football-team-colors knit-football-pattern-team-colors-2

Oh- football season approacheth: unbeknownst to you, you need a baby football hat (a crochet version available too) very cute. Not necessarily a great match for team colors, but too cute to pass up. The adult football hat with charts for the whole alphabet is pretty fun too (pdf here) and more agreeable to creative coloring.


We also have a great Fiber Trends school colors hat pattern, the Plymouth slouch hat, and our very own Halcyon Blake designed Checkerboard Hat that are all tried and true favorites!


Hockey fans rejoice! Truth be told though, this hat really could be adapted to any sports team!!! Here are a couple great knit hat patterns for team colors adapted to lettering. There are not many teams “pre made” but the patttern can easily be adapted with the lettering charts that Emily Matisz has also made available. Find your team’s colors in yarn here.


These socks are knit up in team colors with a logo top and bottom – the pattern requires a bit of “do-it-yourself” spirit, but any sock knitter has that, right? Very fun. Baseball fans – the photo on the right is a more detailed pattern that has many major league baseball teams charted, some with, and some without pinstripes; go Sox! (or any other team you like – find yarn colors here)


A stylish throw needed for your sports-watching couch? In your teams colors out of delectable yarn? Yes, you can do that with this free pattern and how-to, and our team colors in yarn color picker!


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