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Halcyon Yarn News, Notes, & etc.


March, oh March. It’s dragging on a little long here in Maine. So we want to spice it UP, Jump start some springtime projects!

But how… how…
How about FREE US ground shipping on orders over $75?! Get your rigid heddle, floor loom or spinning wheel shipped for free yippee!

Grow your stash, get a swift, needle set… My goodness there are a lot of options. Whichever way your cabin fever leads you, your order of over $75 is eligible for free US Ground shipping (we choose UPS or USPS).

*Any order over $75 through March 31st

NOTE: despite the photo, “shipping” is not by ship. You could possibly hire Halcyon and husband Will to deliver by ship to select coastal locations… but, you know, extra charges apply :-)

Happy spring!


Fear not skinny yarns!  Convinced lace weight or fingering yarns are just for socks or fussy shawls – think again!  Introducing Ella Rae Lace Merino yarn – 460 yards of luscious 100% extra fine merino, and superwash to boot!  Our shelves are stocked with 12 beautiful multi-colored options and 8 rich, tonal varieties.  This yarn lends itself beautifully to an array of patterns from sweaters to accessories to kids pieces, too.  These are some of our favorites:

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This month Susan Upham retired from her job as Purchasing & General Manager at Halcyon Yarn. Many of you know Susan from the expert help she has given in store, by email, and over the phone since 1996. For those of us that have had the pleasure of working with her she has been a great friend and tireless colleague with a vast knowledge of everything yarn related. She would always track down the answer to questions in any craft or just just the right item for any project. She gladly pitched in to help whenever and however she was needed, from knitting up a sample for the shop, to tracking down a special order, to modeling (beautifully) for the catalog.

To celebrate Susan the staff gathered for a dinner party, catered by El Camino restaurant. It was wonderful to share a meal and come together to say thank you with plenty of good food and cheer! We also gave Susan a felted bag she’d had her eye on at last year’s Fiber Arts Fair, handmade by Heather Kerner.

We’re so happy for Susan as she looks forward to enjoying the free time ahead. She’ll be sailing the Maine coast with her wonderful husband, Jim, and their duck tolling retrievers, Tess and Margaree (avid sailors themselves). She’ll also be gardening and joining her family in cheering for her grandchildren’s basketball games – as well as catching up on her knitting!

We’ll miss her here at the store, but we will continue to enjoy her friendship and we’ll always be thankful for everything she has done to help Halcyon Yarn grow over the years. Luckily, we’ll still get to see Susan and benefit from her expertise since she will continue to be a part of our development team.

Congratulations, Susan – but not good bye!
Warmest wishes from Halcyon and all your friends at Halcyon Yarn



The spring issue of Ply, leicester, Issue 8, just arrived and yet again it’s another simply amazing issue. So pour yourself a cup of coffee, find a comfy chair and get ready to lose yourself in the Leicester issue. The focus is on the 3 main Leicester wools: Bluefaced, Border, and Longwool.  You’ll find history, breed comparisons, spinning techniques, a look under the microscope, finishing tactics, and some fabulous projects. 

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Those of us who love to knit have never needed an excuse to personally indulge.  Now, the need to justify our habit to others is another story. So, if you ever find yourself in need of a little backup, Happiness is a Needle and Thread Away:  New Data on Mental Health Benefits of Knitting by Sid Lipsey could be just the ticket. Go forth fellow knitters, knit and be happy.


There’s a new Handwoven eBook in town and as always Halcyon Yarn is your exclusive source for the printed version. This time around it’s all about waffle weave, perhaps one of the most lively and fun weave structures. It’s especially prized for producing highly textured surfaces with depth. Once removed from the loom and washed, the fabric is often reminiscent of a Belgian waffle, hence the name waffle weave.

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Portrait of Amos
by: Amos

Picking up weaving when you’re ready


We were tickled by this story of a “late bloomer”. Turns out there is no best time to learn to weave, other than when you’re ready! Inspirational, and got us itching to warp up a rigid heddle project!

Don’t forget to recycle

Screen shot 2015-03-12 at 3.48.22 PM

Weaving shopping bags out of… shopping bags!? Has anyone else tried this? Definitely caught our interest and what a cool way to recycle. Are there any options for recycled warp material?

 Weaving art and photography, literally


Weaving photography and, er, weaving. Wonderful looking work and show in Brooklyn. Has anyone been? The colors look so enticing.

 What can’t you build out of legos?

Screen shot 2015-03-12 at 4.00.13 PM

Lego automated loom, take that off the list of can’ts? Yup, even if the finished product is more whimsy that function, this project has a huge cool factor! The video is worth a click through.

Open-source auto knit?

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 10.18.52 AM

They’re calling it a “clothing printer”. It looks like they’re having a lot of fun designing and testing it… Not sure that, strictly speaking, it’s our style of knitting. Still, it is an interesting project for sure!


A touching story

What a cool thing is this Chicago knitting club for teens… The rules are awesome! We’d abide by ‘em.

We’re movin’ to Norway

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 10.25.34 AM

Norway is generating a buzz with it’s “slow TV” phenomenon. One program that caught our eye is “12 hours of non-stop knitting“. Here is a version with english dubbing, and it’s quite watchable! Yarn bombing a Harley, and world record sheep-to-sweater attempts included…  World record attempt begins at end of episode 2… GO Norway!


Bath’s Blarney Days will soon be upon us. Come celebrate the luck of the Irish at Halcyon Yarn where you’ll save *10% off GREEN yarn and fiber this Saturday, March 14th.

Enjoy festivities throughout the downtown during Bath’s Blarney Days running March 12-17.

*Discount only applies to purchases of green yarn and fiber. In store sales only. Excludes bulk price 3.


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