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Halcyon Yarn News, Notes, & etc.

Portrait of Amos
by: Amos
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We’ve been testing out various automated “news alerts” for weaving over the last several weeks. It’s been quite interesting – though there is a lot of chaff, there have been some very interesting articles as well. We thought it’d be fun to pass some along, and see if others find them interesting as well.

Here are some recent noteables:

Now hiring: Dovecot Studios!

What a refreshing item this was: Get hired and paid (well!) to weave artistic tapestries in Scotland. Their demand outstrips capacity, and so they have begun an internship program. Photo above is curtesy their jobs page. Unfortunately, the deadline for applications just passed. We’ll keep an eye out for this type of opportunity, and hope to see more! …and we’ll get our CV in order, that looks cool! FMI: http://www.heraldscotland.com/business/opinion/weaving-a-tradition.25304956

Aspiring, Inspiring

Weaving is of course practiced world wide. It’s practiced as an art, hobby, passion, job, cultural preservation tool, career, and all mixes thereof. It has been very interesting to see weaving in the “news” in other countries, where the role of weaving may fall heavily in favor of generating necessary income. These twins caught our attention, and pulled our heart strings. Hard work, beautiful work, and dreams for the future.

Not Cotolin, Cot-a-Loom

In India, working and living conditions can put a premium on space. Producing large works would be tricky given the size of loom needed. What better solution than to create a transforming loom that doubles as a cot!

Portugese Rug weaving – Constraints of tradition make for bold design

We were struck by the bold design that emerged from artist / designer Célia Esteves when she tackled rug weaving with traditional Portugese hand looms.


[Update: Sorry, all sold out]

Linen, linen, linen… Have we got a deal for you! As luck would have it we have 2 beautiful colors of Halcyon’s Signature Newport Linen being offered at 40% OFF*. That’s $36.00 for the large 1lb cones, regularly $60.00 and $5.95 for the small mini cone, regularly $9.95.

We’ve recently switched our dyehouse to the wonderful Saco River Dyehouse, right here in Maine. What a great company, and what a treat to work locally!

We’ve been working to get formulations of dyes to match our long-running standard colors. What we have here are two dye lots that didn’t quite fit in with our existing colors, but are too beautiful to send back to be “over-dyed”.

First up is the most devine, aqua blue Newport 16/2 Linen Yarn 1 lb Cone and Mini-Cone. The yarn is first quality (and quite beautiful I may add). The color just didn’t match our intent/standard for this color.

Next up is a sun kissed, Yellow Newport 16/2 Linen Yarn 1 lb Cone and Mini-Cone, that will surely brighten any table linen. The color is not quite level, giving it a slight tonal quality (close-up image here). Once again, a gorgeous color, but just not a match to our standard.

If you have a copy of the lastest Handwoven ebook,  Best of Handwoven Weaving with Linen - eBook Printed Copy , your head must be spinning with ideas and your hands eager to start weaving with linen. So this special offer is especially timely. There’s nothing like the beauty and enduring elegance of 100% linen tablecloths, placemats, runners and napkins. Quantities of these colors are limited so order quickly before they’re gone.


*Offer valid while supplies last. No back orders. 


Ooh, la, la, Kid Seta by Cascade has just arrived at the shop and we’re loving it. Loving the sumptuously soft hand, loving the color selection and loving the terrific yardage of 300 yds per 25 gm ball. This baby lace mohair is a blend of 61% Super Kid Mohair, 35% Silk and 4% Merino Wool. It works up light as air. The silk gives an exquisite subtle sheen, while the super kid mohair adds a soft inviting halo. Mere words can’t do justice to its beauty, so you’ll just have to take our word on it. If only we could place a ball of Kid Seta in your hands. One touch, one feel and all your stress would magically melt away!


Visions of the Silky Honeycomb Scarf (also available as the Silky Honeycomb Scarf - Download ) knit up pairing a ball of Kid Seta with 2 mini cones of 2/12 Gemstone Silk Yarn have been flooding our minds since the yarn’s arrival. There are so many possible combinations. What will you choose? Remember if you are purchasing the yarn the pattern is free!

Cascade offers a great selection of FREE downloadable patterns for Kid Seta. We particular like these (links to downloadable pdf files):

Kid Seta Cardigan


Boat Neck Pullover


Lacy Infinity Cowl


Light as a Feather Shawl


Portrait of Kendra
by: Kendra
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[Update: Sorry, sold out.]

Our Closeout Reed Sampler* is a fantastic value for weavers. Imagine 3 reed pieces, each a different dent ranging from 4-30 dent, with lengths anywhere from 5″-15″, all for only $9.95. Great for sampling and weaving belts and bands. Some pieces are even wide enough to weave a scarf. Dents and lengths vary. Take delight in the surprise and pride in the great value. Each closeout reed sampler contains 3 assorted reed pieces.

Reed Sampler Closeout

*Offer valid while supplies last. These reed pieces are the portions left when we cut a larger reed to a specific length.

Fall is in the air.  It’s time to think about new projects and new skills.  Here at Halcyon Yarn we have a bunch of fun classes coming up for both learning new techniques and thinking about gifts (the holidays will be here before you know it).

ALPINE-TOPPER-PARTY The Alpine Topper class Saturday, September 13, 9:30 am – 3:00 pm with Barbara McGuinness.  The Alpine Topper hat has been one of our best sellers here at Halcyon Yarn.  It is useful and oh so comfortable with a nice soft inner lining in the band that also gives you extra warmth because it creates two layers.  And the inner layer yarn makes the pattern on the front.  Make this colorful, yummy hat using a skein of a bulky self striping yarn and one of Plymouth DeAire yarn.
Funky Felted Feathered Friends is another fun and whimsical class taught by Kendra Rafford.  Let your inner child come out as you make colorful, flamboyant, and decorative felted ‘friends’.  They’ll make people smile: put them among your plants, land them on a Christmas tree limb, decorate a kids room, have them peering out your front window at passers-by. Let them brighten up your winter.  Offered Sunday, September 14, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. FFB
WE1C-H Learn to weave with Weaving on a 4-Shaft/Harness Floor Loom, Friday-Sunday, September 26-28 from 9am-4pm.  This intensive beginning level class with instructor Sybil Shiland teaches the basics of weaving on a 4 shaft loom. Students will learn and experience the basics of warping on a 4 shaft loom, will weave different weave structures, and use a variety of materials. You will start with the basics of planning a warp, weaving vocabulary, and weaving equipment. Students will then warp their loom with an assigned warp plan, draft, and then weave on their loom. During the class they will also experience weaving on different looms and on different weave structures in a ’round robin’ of the class looms. They will weave their own library of samples including plain weave, twill weave, basket weave, huck weave, overshot and weft faced weaves.
Knitting Your First Sweater with Debra Foster is a great way to work through all the steps of knitting an adult, top down pullover in the fun and helpful environment of a class.  This class meets 4 times over a 5 week period on Sunday afternoons 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm (September 28, October 5, (skip October 12) October 19 & 26.  Five weeks gives you plenty of time to knit between classes and finish your sweater – under the watchful eye of your teacher.  Get together with a friend or two and take this class together.  Have fun, egg each other on, and at the end of October have a new sweater to keep you warm on those chilly fall days.

There are many other classes too! All are listed on the Halcyon Yarn web site class listings page, so check them out.

Please don’t hesitate to call for more information (1-800-341-0282 or 207-442-7909). New classes are added all the time so check back often.

Don’t see just the class you want to take? No problem. Halcyon Yarn offers private lessons too. Give us a call  (1-800-341-0282 or 207-442-7909) and let us set up a class just for you.

OPEN-HOUSE-2011-47 OPEN-HOUSE-2011-14

Be part of the biggest day of the year at Halcyon Yarn, our Annual Open House. 

This year the celebration takes place on Saturday October 11th from 9am-4pm.

Occurring just once a year, our Annual Open House is a true fiber extravaganza. This is a day full of fun demos, displays, new product information and savings for all. With a plethora of fiber demonstrations going on throughout the day, this event is perfect for checking out any fiber craft you find intriguing. It’s also a day to save BIG on all your favorite and highly coveted fiber craft supplies – yarn, fiber, tools, notions. There will be special savings throughout the shop with an additional discount of *10%-25% off.

Halcyon Yarn’s Annual Open House coincides with our great city of Bath’s annual Autumnfest, in which the glorious season of autumn is celebrated in style. The downtown will come alive with live music, artisan and food demonstrations, and  a whole host of fun seasonal activities. 

Open House also coincides with Maine Craft Weekend!

So mark your calendars and plan to stop by Halcyon Yarn. We look forward to sharing the day and our shared passion for all things fiber!

*Offer does not apply to bulk price 3, floor looms, gift certificates and special orders.



Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.37.16 AM

The latest printed eBook from Handwoven, Best of Handwoven Weaving with Linen - eBook Printed Copy is filled with great tips and patterns.  Since Halcyon’s Signature  Newport 16/2 Linen Yarn  is the perfect yarn for so many of the patterns we started taking a closer look. Which pattern should be the first to grace the loom? That’s always the question. You know the phrase “you can’t judge a book by its cover”?  Drawing on that concept, I think it’s safe to say “you can’t judge a pattern by its picture”.


Having fallen prey to this visual trap, I initially  breezed right by Lines of Lace in Linen by Suzie Liles because the color choices didn’t appeal to my personal tastes. However, upon closer inspection I became intrigued. This 4-shaft pattern is a variation of a Swedish Lace. In the 4-thread blocks in the lace stripes, 3 threads are one color and the 4th is a contrasting color. This color sequencing alternates with each lace stripe. In addition, irregular denting in a 10 dent reed emphasizes the lacy textural difference.I began to imagine how the pattern would be transformed with different color choices. Often a piece can look completely different. Before long I had enticed Halcyon into a little color play, trying to come up with alternative color combinations for this great towel.

Results are below… See a combination you like? With a few quick clicks you can add all the materials you need to your shopping cart. Choose your favorite and start weaving!

Garnet MountainScreen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.23.42 AM Wild IrisScreen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.29.08 AM

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.27.04 AM

Tuscan TerracottaScreen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.28.27 AM



Fall is in the air and it’s time to hit the books and save! Kids are filling their school bags with books so why not you? We have a lot of books on sale! What could be sweeter? This: Take advantage of Halcyon Yarn’s Fall Book Closeout Sale and receive a FREE Halcyon Yarn Eco Tote Green Bag  (a $12.95 value) with the purchase of 3 or more SALE books*. To receive your FREE Halcyon Yarn Eco Tote simply enter tote0914 in the discount code section at checkout, or mention the code when ordering by phone and we’ll automatically include it when we ship your order (also feel free to add it to your cart if you like).


Select titles are marked 50% OFF the original price including SALE - Beach Belles , SALE - Debbie Bliss Eco Cotton Book , Debbie Bliss  SALE-Prima Book and  SALE - Rialto Classics .

» info / buy
» info / buy

Get an early start on holiday projects with  [Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock] . If you need a Noro fix pick up  [Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock] and don’t miss out on SALE - Ella Rae Weekend Casual Wear - Country Tweed for quick bulky knits.

We have a great selection so be sure to check out:

All the SALE books

Remember, purchase any 3 SALE* books and receive a FREE Halcyon Yarn EcoTote Canvas bag! Don’t forget the code, tote0914. Made in the USA of 100% recycled fabric our tote contains 80% Ecotec™ – a blended cotton yarn produced from the excess fabric of newly made clothing – and 20% Bottle Bag™ material – made from 100% recycled soda bottles. This unique material and manufacturing process helps conserve farm land, energy and water as well as supporting local manufacturing!

Quantities are limited so we encourage you to call in your order (1-800-341-0282 or 207-442-7909). Offer is available while supplies last. Don’t miss out on the savings – hit the books with Halcyon Yarn!

*All books are marked at the sale price. Some books will sell out quickly, don’t hesitate to call to check availability. Sales are final – no returns.

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