We just received a 2nd shipment of the pompom Quarterly Summer 2016 issue. So if you missed it the first time around, now’s your chance to pick up a copy.

Whether it’s knitting, weaving, spinning, crochet or rug hooking Halcyon Yarn is your trusted source for the latest and greatest magazines within the fiber world. Here are some of the most recent publications. Did you know we often have back issues?


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Knitbot Sweet Pleat by Hannah Fettig is my new favorite summer knit for girls. One girl in particular, my daughter Gracious, loves the comfy fit. Two pleats gather at the neckline adding subtle detail to this simple top.  The body has A-line shaping to create a gentle swing which allows little ones to move freely.  With a size range of 6 months through 12 years, this is a pattern that will grow with her! The loose gauge knits into a light fabric with perfect drape and breathability for summer.   Knitbot Sweet Pleat is shown in K1C2 2nd Time Cotton Recycled Yarn.  Pictured in size 6, color K1C2 2nd Time Cotton Recycled Yarn color 6420 (642DeepAqua).



Other yarns recommended for the pattern are Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran Cotton Yarn, Casco Bay Cotton Worsted * 630 yds/lb. Yarn, Block Island Blend Yarn* (hold two strands of Block Island Blend together). Bonus: These yarns are machine washable (I recommend lying flat to dry). Wear, wash and repeat!



View our collection of Knitbot patterns and books by Hannah Fettig.

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Transform your weaving with Woven Shibori - Revised and Updated. This innovative method of applying pattern to cloth unites weaving and dyeing. Weavers of all skill levels, with any loom will learn how to use weft floats in weaving like the stitching threads in shibori. Pattern threads are placed at regular intervals and once off the loom pulled to pucker and gather the fabric to create a resist prior to dyeing. The results are stunning.

woven-shibori-book-2 woven-shibori-book-3

Author and master weaver, Catherine Ellis, developed shibori weaving and has spent years studying, experimenting, observing and documenting the technique. A new focus on natural dyeing in the revised edition compliments the already impressive history and technical information compiled within its pages. Use it as a guide to explore the many creative possibilities of woven shibori.

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Get that pinkie up in the air, because this yarn is fancy!

The name says it all: Jo Sharp Mulberry Silk Georgette Yarn. This is a top quality luxury yarn that meets two of my biggest criteria – it’s both versatile and affordable. It is soft enough for the most discerning baby, and also boasts a fiber content that will impress the most discerning yarn snob (you folks are in good company, don’t worry).

This yarn is comprised of 75% Merino Wool and 25% Mulberry Silk. Mulberry Silk is widely known as the highest quality silk available on the market. This is due to its long individual fibers which, when spun, create a smooth, even, lustrous yarn. Paired with Extrafine Merino Wool, the yarn has a slight spring to it and tends to be a little more forgiving than a pure silk blend. When knit up, the fabric is slightly cushy, has beautiful drape, and just enough shine to make any stitch pattern pop.

Speaking of how well this yarn highlights texture, I’m currently madly in love with the Jo SharpAriel Double Moss Sweater - Pattern particularly the sample knit in our color 0780, Marigold. I love the all over moss stitch, especially when shown on such a wearable, simple garment. Despite the hot weather we’ve been having here in Maine, all of us are fighting over who gets to snuggle with the sample. Which brings up another great thing about this yarn…

It’s suitable for any season! Knit a tank or t-shirt for summer and you’ll stay comfortably cool. On the other hand, if you’re thinking warm and cozy I can’t imagine a nicer yarn to cuddle up in.

If you happen to remember Jo’s Alpaca Silk Georgette, you might be interested to know this is the yarn that replaced it, so the patterns are interchangeable. It knits up similarly, but the finished garment will be a little lighter and softer than with the Alpaca Silk.

I think everyone will be interested to know that this yarn comes in 24 beautiful colors. So head on over to our page for Jo Sharp Mulberry Silk Georgette Yarn! If any of them strike your fancy, they’ll be on sale for 10% off through next Thursday, July 28th (midnight EST).

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Immersive, powerful exhibit: Threads of hope


Empowering Women: Artisan Cooperatives That Transform Communities” looks to be an amazing exhibit at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Winnipeg, Canada, is a bit of a road trip for us, but, there is plenty to check out on the exhibit website. With an android phone you can download two apps (instructions and links here), and experience the 360-degree virtual reality portion of the exhibit for free, from anywhere. We tried it and are impressed with the technology, even though, truth be told, we have yet to to make or buy a cardboard holder for our phone. So, we got to play around with the 360 degree video and immersive multimedia… but without a virtual reality headset, it’s just a tease: we’re working on a headset now that should fix that problem! Note that the virtual experience does talk about serious issues, and may be worth previewing before sharing with small children.

Crochet comedy career: Chili Philly

chili-phily chili-phily-2

We posted on Australian Chili Philly years ago, when he was first getting started and not much was known about him other than his mesmerizing instagram photos. Well, his crochet creations keep coming, and this is a wonderful interview with him on how he’s coping with being a crochet celebrity. Good on ya mate!

Smokin’ fast crochet needle!


While we on the topic of pro crochet – have you seen this? Jayna Grassel demonstrates on video here crocheting a flower in under 90 seconds. Apparently, she can do better if she doesn’t have to stretch her hands out  for the camera. Ah, no need to go faster Jayna – we’re already impressed! Check out her awesome blog for the full story, and her site which has some wonderful free patterns to boot!


I recently had the pleasure of knitting some swatches with two new (to me) cotton yarns from the Jo Sharp line. What a pleasure! This is not your grandma’s craft store cotton. Not only are the colors fresh and modern, but the yarn itself is lightweight and wonderfully squishy. When knitted up, the stitches are beautifully defined and the fabric is cool enough to wear on the hottest (at least here in Maine) summer days.

A lot of you friendly readers might already be familiar with Jo Sharp yarn. Australian designer Jo Sharp drew from her background as a painter and her love of knitting to create a wearable, high quality line of yarns. Her yarn and patterns have always been a favorite here in the United States, but for the last few years it was only really available to purchase in Australia and in a limited selection online. Well, now it’s back! A lot of the yarns have stayed the same (the DK Wool is the same stash staple you remember) but a few tweaks have been made here and there to keep things current.


First, I’ll tell you about the Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton Yarn. This is 100% cotton and comes in 23 colors. A quick search on Ravelry shows over 1400 projects using this yarn, so I’m apparently not the first person to fall in love with it. Jo has a bunch of beautiful patterns knit out of this yarn, some of my favorites being her Jo Sharp Cotton Tunic Pattern and  Jo Sharp Sideways Ribbed Top Pattern.


Then there’s the Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran Cotton Yarn. This yarn has found a very special place in my heart (and my stash). Despite being a bulkier weight than the DK, it is just as light and airy as your fanciest merino. This yarn is a really great example of how thoughtfully this line has been designed. Instead of being a pure cotton, it’s a blend of 65% cotton and 35% microfiber. This enables you to have the thickness of an aran weight yarn without the heaviness of pure cotton. This one comes in 10 colors, my favorite being our color number 0665, or Pear. I’m seeing this color a lot this season, and Jo really delivers! There’s also a ton of pattern support for the Aran Cotton – I am quite fond of Jo’s Cotton T-Shirt Pattern, and I’m tempted to try her Bathrobe Pattern some day when I’m feeling ambitious.

Are you feeling ambitious? If so, these two yarns will be on sale for 10% off through next Thursday, July 21st (midnight EST). Come on in and see some swatches, or check out our listing online!

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Baby Botanicals Title


Baby Botanicals is the new nature inspired collection by Alana Dakos. Leaves, branches and vines adorn five sweaters for girls ages 6 months to 12 years. Each pattern is a smaller version of Alana’s beautiful designs for women. Take a peek inside Baby Botanicals!

Baby Botanicals Collection Collage Small

Designs are shown clockwise from top left:

“Baby Branches” will grow with her.  Hooded with a tree motif on the back, swing shaping in the body and 3 button closure on the front.  Knit in pieces using sport weight yarn.

“Twiggy” is as fun as it sounds.  The classic cardigan is dressed up with twig detail at the neckline and slightly rounded shoulders.  Knit in pieces in fingering weight yarn.

“Tiny Vines” has 3/4 length sleeves showing off sweet little leaves, knit from the top down with sport weight yarn.

“Early Autumn” is a raglan pullover with lace details on the front and sleeves.  Knit in one piece from the bottom up with fingering weight yarn.

She’ll love the “Little Buds” cardigan’s sophisticated style, great for not-so-little ones. Knit in pieces using sport weight yarn.

In addition to  Baby Botanicals we have some other wonderful titles by Alana Dakos: Botanical Knits, Botanical Knits 2, Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf - Deluxe Gift Set, and Coastal Knits which she co-authored with Hanna Fettig.


Beautify your book collection with these gorgeous titles!


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Ann Budd, the wonderful freelance knitting editor, teacher, designer, and author of more than a dozen books, will be at Halcyon Yarn August 28, 2016 and August 29, 2016. We are excited to offer two full days of workshops with Ann, which will include four different classes. CLASS SIZES WILL BE LIMITED SO BE SURE TO REGISTER NOW. This will be an exciting and fun weekend with the one and only Ann so don’t wait too long to register.


The available classes are:

Sunday, August 28


Knitwear designers use gauge and body measurements to create the perfect fit in a sweater, hat, or other knitted piece. Learn the magical formulas that will allow you design your own garments or adjust existing ones with ease! No more puzzling over how to increase or decrease evenly in a single row or gradually over many rows—you’ll have the answers in moments. You’ll also learn tips and trick that simplify the knitting and finishing process.

Skills: Advanced-beginner knitting skills.

Materials: Please bring note taking materials.



In this class, we’ll examine how the basic stitches look in a piece of knitting, and practice fixing common mistakes, including ripping out, picking up dropped stitches (even edge stitches!), reversing the direction of a cable turn, and correcting a snag that breaks the yarn.

Skills: Advanced-beginner knitting skills; must know how to cast on, bind off, knit, purl, and turn a cable.

Materials: One partial ball of your choice of yarn (tightly twisted worsted-weight wool or wool blend recommended); knitting needles in a size appropriate for your yarn; cable needle, crochet hook.


Homework: (required)

CO 18 sts.
Row 1 and 3: (RS) K4, p2, k6, p2, k4.
Rows 2 and 4: (WS) K6, p6, k6.
Row 5: (RS) K4, p2, slide 3 sts onto a cable needle and hold in front of work, k3, k3
from cable needle, p2, k4.
Rows 6 and 8: (WS) K6, p6, k6.
Rows 7 and 9: (RS) K4, p2, k6, p2, k4.
Row 10: (WS) K6, p6, k6.
Rep Rows 1–10 once more (20 rows total). Place sts on a holder.




Want to make socks that fit perfectly, no matter what yarn or needles or stitch pattern you use? This workshop will teach you how to measure your foot, knit a swatch, and devise a standard top-down pattern for any size foot and any gauge of knitting.

Skills: Advanced-beginner knitting skills and experience knitting socks from the top down.

Materials: Included (but bring your ideas for stitch patterns!)



Variously called “Japanese fine knitting” and “optical knitting, “shadow knitting” is the term introduced by Vivian Høxbro to describe a technique in which purl ridges define a pattern on a two-color striped stockinette-stitch background. The right-side ridges cast a “shadow” pattern that comes and goes depending on the angle at which it is observed. When viewed straight on, the fabric resembles simple two-row stripes. When viewed at an angle, the garter ridges predominate and a different pattern is visible. Learn this ingenious technique by knitting a swatch with a heart motif.

Skills: Advanced-beginner knitting skills; must be familiar with reading charts.

Materials: Included




*Extra yarn is included for each class, other than Fixing Mistakes, but we encourage you to bring your own needles. Needles are available for purchase in-store at Halcyon with the class discount*


The more you knit the more you save!


A single class is $65.00 so feel free to mix and match with what interests you the most or join us for all four! Save when you register for more than one:

  • 2 classes for $120 when you use code ABCLASS2 at checkout
  • 3 classes for $165 when you use code ABCLASS3 at checkout
  • take all 4 classes for $200 – save $60! when you use code ABCLASS4 at checkout

Make a weekend out of it by enjoying not only the exciting classes at Halcyon Yarn, but by experiencing Maine in the Summer time! We’re two blocks from downtown Bath and just a short drive from various State beaches. Check out what the City of Ships has to offer at https://visitbath.com. You will also receive 10% off of any Halcyon purchase in-store or online for the month following your class. What a wonderful way to wrap up your summer with a new project and some newly honed skills.

Because Ann is a special instructor our rules on class sign up will be different. To register in the class we must have full payment at the time of registration. If for some reason you cannot take the class after signing up, a refund will be made only if we can fill your space. We have made a commitment to the instructors and are liable for costs.

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