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Halcyon Yarn News, Notes, & etc.


Check out the extreme values on [UPDATE, sorry, all sold out], while supplies last *save 40% on all remaining stock.

Pair a discounted ball of Douceur et Soie with 2 mini cones of 12/2 Gemstone Silk Yarn to knit up our popular Silky Honeycomb Scarf (free with purchase of yarn) and you have yourself a luxurious scarf at a fantastic price. It’s never too early to start knitting for the holidays and the Silky Honeycomb Scarf makes an ideal gift. This yarn is sure to sell out fast, so get it while you can!


Want to knit the Silky Honeycomb Scarf and don’t see a color of Douceur et Soie you like? Then check out Kid Seta by Cascade . It’s just arrived at the shop and we’re loving it!


*Discount applies to current stock. This is a discontinued yarn for which we cannot take back orders. No additional discounts apply.

We have lots of interesting stuff! Look here for related inspirations:

2210000P-F alpine-topper-homepage-halcyon-beth-gwynn-susan-small

The chilly mornings and cool nights of early fall in Maine remind us “topper time” is fast approaching. That’s Alpine Topper time of course. With its superior warmth and smashing good looks this pattern (free with yarn purchase) is the ideal hat to battle the cold in style.

Putting the extreme practicality of the Alpine Topper hat pattern  aside, it’s just pure fun to make. To top it off (no pun intended) it’s a super quick project – whip one up in just one night. If you love color be careful, knitting Alpine Toppers is addictive. You’ll love choosing just the right self striping bulky yarn and pairing it with a solid color super bulky yarn. Color, color, color… oh the possibilities. New yarns and new colors mean new combinations every year.


You’ll notice my name as the Alpine Topper’s designer. I loved designing it and I love knitting them. I’m a confirmed topper addict. I’ve knit 20 toppers and still going strong. There’s always a color combination waiting to come together in my next topper. The immediate gratification for a color and fiber fanatic is overwhelming. So be warned, you might soon become an addict too.


We know the possible combinations can be overwhelming. Do you choose Noro Obi Plymouth Gina Chunky (both self striping) or Malabrigo Mecha (multi-color kettle dyed) for the main color and then which color of Plymouth DeAire Merino Yarn  looks best as the accent liner? So this year we’re helping you narrow down the choices by periodically posting topper combos. You’ll need just one skein of each.

Here’s our first round of combinations. But don’t limit yourself to our suggestions. Relish the freedom to be creative and customize your own combinations. Please note, Alpine Toppers pictured above are for inspiration only and those specific combinations are no longer available. 


Noro Obi color 010 (Obi10) & Plymouth DeAire Merino Yarn color 106 (562-1106)


Noro Obi color 015 (Obi15) & Plymouth DeAire Merino Yarn color 994 (562-994)


Plymouth Gina Chunky color 109 (0109) & Plymouth DeAire Merino Yarn color 902 (562-1902)


Plymouth Gina Chunky color 105 (0105) & Plymouth DeAire Merino Yarn color 705 (562-705)


Malabrigo Mecha color 850 (MC850) & Plymouth DeAire Merino Yarn color 208 (562-1208)


Malabrigo Mecha color 120 (MC120) & Plymouth DeAire Merino Yarn color 875 (562-2875)



We have lots of interesting stuff! Look here for related inspirations:

Share in the festivities during Halcyon Yarn’s Annual Open House.

Each year on the Saturday of Columbus Day weekend we open our doors and welcome our customers to a special celebration here in Bath, ME. It’s a day filled with discounts, demonstrations and all around fun. Shop with us on-line that day and you’ll be able to take advantage of  the special savings. Find out all the details of this special day.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 12.04.09 PM


This year our Open House will be on Saturday October 11th, 2014 from 9am-4pm. Come join us.

Discounts of 10% to 25%*

All in-store and online purchases will be discounted by 10%… So everyone can be assured of savings! But that’s not all – to add some mystery and excitement, all purchases are part of a “discount drawing”, where some lucky customers will receive additional savings, up to a total of 25% off! This is an old-fashioned drawing. Picking is fun!

Which discount will you receive?

In-Store: For in-store customers it’s simple: draw a “discount ticket” at checkout, it’ll show your discount. If you visit all our demonstrators that day you’ll get an opportunity to choose a second “discount ticket” and use the larger of the two discounts.

On-Line: To participate online, enter the code “OH2014″ as a discount code when checking out on Saturday, October 11th, 2014. You’ll see a 10% discount in the cart to get you started – but here’s the cool part – your discount may be greater. We will draw your “discount ticket” for you when we process your order. That’s right, we’ll close our eyes and pick a discount ticket… Of course, we’ll only charge your card after drawing your discount ticket. We wish we could send you some cider and cookies, but hope you’ll enjoy the discount instead!


What’s Happening at the Store

The shop will be filled with demonstrators showcasing different fiber arts such as weaving, spinning, rug hooking, crocheting and felting. There will be the ever popular “stash bags” and sales on shop samples. All sale yarns and books will be further reduced for extra savings. *Plus, all purchases that day will receive an additional discount of 10%-25% off. It’s a great time to stock up for cool weather and holiday projects and see the latest ideas and new yarns.

Here’s who and what you’ll see…

  • Marianne Dubois – wet and needle felting
  • Susan Douglas – fiber blending on a blending board
  • Sybil Shiland – floor loom weaving
  • Eileen Antell – lucet braiding
  • Linda Whiting – tapestry weaving
  • Liz Johnson – rigid heddle weaving
  • The Tuesday Twisted Spinsters – Halcyon Yarn’s Tuesday spinning group
  • Susie Stephenson & Liz Stoyko – rug hooking
  • Denice Sharp – spinning funky art yarn
  • Betsey Bailey – crochet
  • Demos of useful fiber tools

Fun in Bath

So make sure your Columbus Day weekend includes a trip to Halcyon Yarn on Saturday October 11th. As luck would have it, our Annual Open House coincides with our great city of Bath’s annual Autumnfest, in which the glorious season of autumn is celebrated in style. The downtown will come alive with live music, artisan and food demonstrations.  Make this a great family fun day in Bath!

*Offer does not apply to bulk price 3, floor looms, gift certificates and special orders.


Portrait of Amos
by: Amos
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We’ve been testing out various automated “news alerts” for weaving over the last several weeks. It’s been quite interesting – though there is a lot of chaff, there have been some very interesting articles as well. We thought it’d be fun to pass some along, and see if others find them interesting as well.

Here are some recent noteables:

A passion for weaving endures

An inspiring story of a family that has upheld, and even revived an age-old tradition of Sari weaving. The Salvi family has shunned modern dying in favor of collecting natural dyes themselves, and found that the youngest generation is returning to weaving even after success an architect, civil engineer, and physiotherapist. Interestingly, we saw some similarity in a  travel blog post from Peru  about the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco.

Now hiring: Dovecot Studios!

What a refreshing item this was: Get hired and paid (well!) to weave artistic tapestries in Scotland. Their demand outstrips capacity, and so they have begun an internship program. Photo above is curtesy their jobs page. Unfortunately, the deadline for applications just passed. We’ll keep an eye out for this type of opportunity, and hope to see more! …and we’ll get our resume in order, that looks cool!

Aspiring, Inspiring

Weaving is of course practiced world wide. It’s practiced as an art, hobby, passion, job, cultural preservation tool, career, and all mixes thereof. It has been very interesting to see weaving in the “news” in other countries, where the role of weaving may fall heavily in favor of generating necessary income. These twins caught our attention, and pulled our heart strings. Hard work, beautiful work, and dreams for the future. Although there is not a link to donate to help this inspiring pair directly, the WEAVE NGO does great, related work, with refugees in Burma and Thailand.

Not Cotolin, Cot-a-Loom

In India, working and living conditions can put a premium on space. Producing large works would be tricky given the size of loom needed. What better solution than to create a transforming loom that doubles as a cot!

Portugese Rug weaving – Constraints of tradition make for bold design

We were struck by the bold design that emerged from artist / designer Célia Esteves when she tackled rug weaving with traditional Portugese hand looms.

Portrait of Halcyon
by: Halcyon
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Mangel-1 Mangel-3

We’ve recently had several inquires about cold mangles, an environmentally friendly method for pressing your household linens. Traditional cold mangles have been used for centuries in Northern Europe. Linens and other flat fabrics were placed between two rollers or underneath a weighted bed with varying amounts of pressure applied to achieve a smooth fabric.

Cold mangles manufactured today are electrified. Fabric is placed on a feeder sheet of cloth and then fed between 2 smooth aluminum cylinders and rolled under pressure. We’ve included photos of a cold mangle we are interested in carrying at Halcyon Yarn. If sold in the United States, the cold mangle would retail between $500 and $700.

We’d like to get your thoughts. Is this a product in which you’d be interest? Let us know if you think Halcyon Yarn should sell cold mangles. Leave us a comment or send us an e-mail to service@halcyonyarn.com.






[Update: Sorry, all sold out]

Linen, linen, linen… Have we got a deal for you! As luck would have it we have 2 beautiful colors of Halcyon’s Signature Newport Linen being offered at 40% OFF*. That’s $36.00 for the large 1lb cones, regularly $60.00 and $5.95 for the small mini cone, regularly $9.95.

We’ve recently switched our dyehouse to the wonderful Saco River Dyehouse, right here in Maine. What a great company, and what a treat to work locally!

We’ve been working to get formulations of dyes to match our long-running standard colors. What we have here are two dye lots that didn’t quite fit in with our existing colors, but are too beautiful to send back to be “over-dyed”.

First up is the most devine, aqua blue Newport 16/2 Linen Yarn 1 lb Cone and Mini-Cone. The yarn is first quality (and quite beautiful I may add). The color just didn’t match our intent/standard for this color.

Next up is a sun kissed, Yellow Newport 16/2 Linen Yarn 1 lb Cone and Mini-Cone, that will surely brighten any table linen. The color is not quite level, giving it a slight tonal quality (close-up image here). Once again, a gorgeous color, but just not a match to our standard.

If you have a copy of the lastest Handwoven ebook,  Best of Handwoven Weaving with Linen - eBook Printed Copy , your head must be spinning with ideas and your hands eager to start weaving with linen. So this special offer is especially timely. There’s nothing like the beauty and enduring elegance of 100% linen tablecloths, placemats, runners and napkins. Quantities of these colors are limited so order quickly before they’re gone.


*Offer valid while supplies last. No back orders. 

We have lots of interesting stuff! Look here for related inspirations:


Ooh, la, la, Kid Seta by Cascade has just arrived at the shop and we’re loving it. Loving the sumptuously soft hand, loving the color selection and loving the terrific yardage of 300 yds per 25 gm ball. This baby lace mohair is a blend of 61% Super Kid Mohair, 35% Silk and 4% Merino Wool. It works up light as air. The silk gives an exquisite subtle sheen, while the super kid mohair adds a soft inviting halo. Mere words can’t do justice to its beauty, so you’ll just have to take our word on it. If only we could place a ball of Kid Seta in your hands. One touch, one feel and all your stress would magically melt away!


Visions of the Silky Honeycomb Scarf (also available as the Silky Honeycomb Scarf - Download ) knit up pairing a ball of Kid Seta with 2 mini cones of 2/12 Gemstone Silk Yarn have been flooding our minds since the yarn’s arrival. There are so many possible combinations. What will you choose? Remember if you are purchasing the yarn the pattern is free!

Cascade offers a great selection of FREE downloadable patterns for Kid Seta. We particular like these (links to downloadable pdf files):

Kid Seta Cardigan


Boat Neck Pullover


Lacy Infinity Cowl


Light as a Feather Shawl


We have lots of interesting stuff! Look here for related inspirations:
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by: Kendra
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[Update: Sorry, sold out.]

Our Closeout Reed Sampler* is a fantastic value for weavers. Imagine 3 reed pieces, each a different dent ranging from 4-30 dent, with lengths anywhere from 5″-15″, all for only $9.95. Great for sampling and weaving belts and bands. Some pieces are even wide enough to weave a scarf. Dents and lengths vary. Take delight in the surprise and pride in the great value. Each closeout reed sampler contains 3 assorted reed pieces.

Reed Sampler Closeout

*Offer valid while supplies last. These reed pieces are the portions left when we cut a larger reed to a specific length.

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