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Our Casco Bay Tote - Casco Bay Worsted is the perfect summer project!  Take it to the beach or the market, it’s just the right size for fun in the sun.  Knit with two colors of  Casco Bay Cotton Worsted * 630 yds/lb. Yarn you can choose your own color combination or select from some of our favorite pairings.  The tote is knit flat starting at the base, then stitches are picked up and knit in the round in a textured slip stitch pattern for the main body.  The straps are knit separately and attached.  Finishing instructions include adding elastic to the top band to prevent stretching and placing a piece of covered cardboard or plastic in the base to hold it’s shape, if desired. The pattern is available for free with the purchase of the yarn, and also available to download – simply add the version you’d like to your cart before checkout.


Pick a pair of colors for your Casco Bay Tote!  Project requires 3 mini cones of the main color and 2 mini cones of the contrast color.







Additional projects featuring Casco Bay Cotton:    



Weavers love Casco Bay Cotton yarn too! Downloads available: Rustic Mats, Runner and Napkins - Casco Bay Cottons - Pattern download, Log Cabin Baby Blanket Woven - Casco Bay Cottons - Pattern download, or printed versions of these patterns:


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Ply - The Magazine for Handspinners - Bulky Summer 2016 Issue 13 is here! It might be the vibrant cover with its sun drenched yellows, sunset shades of oranges, pinks and corals that catches your attention but its the content that will keep you stimulated for hours. We’d expect nothing less from our favorite spinning magazine.

This issue is all about bulky. Every spinner knows it well, that thick, larger than life yarn we all create in the beginning of our spinning career but then becomes an enigma as our spinning skills increase. This issue of Ply will have you spinning big, bold, beautiful yarns but this time around it will be by design and created with purpose. Learn to draft for thicker woolen and worsted yarn. Ply several singles to build the bulky you want. Terrific tips and tricks for building grit and increasing diameter. Learn to keep your bulky even and consistent or create thick and thin. Are there better breeds for bulky yarn? Why yes and Beth Smith tells you which. Deb Robson tackles the issue of fiber length while Michelle Boyd talks about wheel set up and tension. It’s fascinating to learn how yarn diameter affects color. These are just some of the articles, there’s even more. So make sure Ply is top on your list of summer reads and then get spinning!

Don’t forget we stock back issues of Ply.


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Yes “Yarn” the movie is touring, and we can’t wait to see it!


We came across a wonderful lengthy review on Slate of the currently touring movie Yarn. Before we slip a stitch in excitement: here is the trailer courtesy of SXSW.

Tinna Þórudóttit Þorvaldar Stars Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 2.43.07 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 2.43.56 PM yarn-the-movie-still-2


The movie looks to focus on four people who work with yarn around the world (Canada, Cuba, Iceland, Japan, Spain, Sweden and USA) who use yarn in unique ways for artistic expression. While we may not personally be crocheting full sized playgrounds, knitting camo jumpsuits, giving yarn-supported-acrobatic performances, or yarn-bombing in areas of governmentally restricted speech… we’re pretty excited to watch others do so! Closest to us is Boston, check for a screening near you.

[Update!] Yarn (the movie) is playing in Waterville, Maine next Wednesday at Railroad Square Cinema at 7:15 pm.  [thank you to L Rockwell, “Queen Bee” at Queen Bee Knits, Belgrade, for the update]

While supplies last we’re offering up to 40% off select titles (currently almost 80 to choose from see the whole list here). It’s the perfect time to add to your library and refresh the books on your coffee table. When it comes to books in the fiber world, they’re a whole lot more than a collection of patterns. Many are equal parts inspiration and education. We’ve highlighted a few titles but be sure to browse our complete selection of sale books here and take advantage of these fantastic savings.

Quantities are limited. These books are sold on a first come first serve basis and cannot be back ordered. All sales are final. No further discounts apply.


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Keep your crafty kids busy this summer with our selection of kits and projects designed with kids in mind. These items are perfect for travel or home and will keep kids of all ages busy, productive and having fun during summer break.  Don’t wait for a rainy day, stock up now!



Kids of all ages (parents and grandparents too!) love making potholders.  The larger sized Harrisville Potholder Pro Loom makes a generous 8″ potholder, make sure to order the appropriate loops Harrisville Potholder Loops - Pro Size Yarn.  We also have the original, smaller Harrisville Cotton Potholder Kit and loops Harrisville Potholder Loops - Standard Size Yarn making the 6″ potholders.


Invite a crowd and make it a party with the Tie Dye Kit.  The kit is complete with supplies and pre-measured dye (magenta, yellow and blue) to make 15 cotton t-shirts (you supply the shirts).  Purchase additional dye colors and squeeze bottles to customize your party!

Woolbuddy felting kits have everything you need to create fun, whimsical creatures.  Safety first – felting needles are very sharp so adult supervision is a must with younger kids!  



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Add a touch of Maine to your handcrafts with Block Island Blend Yarn. A stand out among Halcyon’s Signature Yarns, Block Island Blend is spun and dyed in Maine exclusively for Halcyon Yarn. It’s unique, breathable blend of gentle slub cotton, linen/hemp and rayon works up beautifully whether knit, woven or crocheted. Ideal for projects during the warmer months. One ply of a gentle slub cotton lends a rustic homespun look, a ply of rayon adds sheen, while a third ply of a linen/hemp blend provides extra body and strength. Each fiber takes the dye color just a little differently so the yarn has rich tonal and textural dimension.


Make sure you check out Halcyon’s video highlighting Block Island Blend to learn more about this distinct yarn.


BlockIslVest_1 BlockIslVest_3

Long known for its elegance and sophistication in woven scarves, wraps and table linens such as the Seguin Sunset Table Set weaving pattern and Woven Cowl Wrap - Block Island Blend, it is equally a stand out in knitted projects. Gorgeous single stranded as seen in the Point of View Vest from the Knitbot Linen book. It’s also terrific double stranded at a heavier worsted gauge. The Very Versatile Neck Down Hoodie / hooded pullover by Knitting Pure and Simple beautifully showcases the use of 2 different colors paired together and knit as one. Customers love the color effect. What will you make with Block Island Blend this summer?



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10 years old, pro knitting instructor


With 5 years of knitting experience (thanks grandma!) and at the wizened age of 10, all reports indicate that Jack Kashork is fantastic instructor. This window into a group of adults being brought into the knitting community was delightful. It also got us thinking about how the fiber arts are such a great connector of people – across generations, cultures, and even epochs. Once in that vein, our news feed came alive…

Ancient and contemporary


Next up is a delightful review of a gallery exhibit that looks wonderful – and should be on anyone’s visit list if you’re in the vicinity of New Haven, Connecticut, and the Yale University Art Gallery this summer: “Weaving and the Social World: 3,000 Years of Ancient Andean Textiles”. According to Brian Slattery’s account of the exhibit, the designs feel at times strikingly modern, and you’ll have a hard time not connecting with the artisans from thousands of years and miles away.

A universal language?


Finally, for those of you lucky enough to be traveling to someplace new and needing to make connections in another language – consider trying fiber-arts. This tale of making friends in San Miguel de Allende (knitting, in Mexico and in Spanish, in this case) sure did make us want to travel with knitting needles! What a great gateway to connections and learning. A great reminder to be open to connections where ever you are, and that a shared fiber arts passion, or a sharing of your passion, is a time tested delight!

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