New colors have arrived in Ella Rae Lace Merino Yarn.  This extra fine, 100% superwash merino has become a go-to yarn for cowls, shawls, accessories and garments.  It’s lush and soft with a tight twist that keeps it durable.  Try it in your favorite sock pattern with Wolly Nylon reinforcement yarn carried through the heel and toe to prolong wear.







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Celebrate 20 years of Noro Silk Garden yarn with the new Noro Silk Garden - The 20th Anniversary Collection!  This collector’s book has 30 stunning patterns including accessories, sweaters, shawls, bags and home decor.  Silk Garden has been a favorite for knitters and designers for two decades and continues to inspire with it’s kaleidoscope of color and luxurious blend of silk, mohair and wool.




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Can’t get enough Noro?  Check out our full collection of Noro yarns!


Noro-Silk-Garden-The-20th-Anniversary-Collection-Knitting-Book-4 Noro-Silk-Garden-The-20th-Anniversary-Collection-Knitting-Book-3



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The newest issue of Rug Hooking June/July/Aug. 2016 proves rug hooking has no age limits. After a request for stories about kids who rug hook, the magazine heard from schools, parents and grandparents, youth groups, rug hooking shops and kids themselves. The response was so tremendous a special issue centered around the young was created. You’ll be amazed at the work these little hands create. Articles focus on how to teach little ones, rug making with special needs children, integrating rug hooking with school curriculum as well as profiles of talented young rug hookers and a gallery of their work. There’s even a kid friendly dyeing tutorial.

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Knitscene Handmade Special Issue 2016 celebrates the handmade life within the knitting realm. Enjoy profiles of independent designers, hand dyers, shop owners and small spinning mills. The enthusiasm and passion for this industry and lifestyle is evident. This issue has a heavy focus on accessories with projects for men, women and babies. A great selection of stylish hats, cowls, scarves and mitts that work up quickly and make terrific gifts.


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Towels of a feather? Not after one was washed…. But first of all, we were not aware of the fine journal “Laundry and Cleaning News International“. Now that we are, we’ll have to check back, even if it is really for cleaning professionals… or is it? Anyway, some wry writing, some interesting back story on fibers, mixing fibers, moisture, and who’s to blame when cleaning goes wrong can be found in this article that is well worth a gander.

A moving and beautiful display from passionate fiber artists:
300,000 hand made poppies strong


What do you get when you coordinate the efforts of 50,000 people, from ages 2 to 102, knitting and crocheting toward a common goal? A beautiful and moving exhibit, through this June, of over 300,000 hand made poppies, in front of the Royal Hospital in London. The exhibit returns to Australia in July. Well worth a visit here to get the full story and see more photos.



There’s a new weaving book in town and it’s fantastic! Rep Rips Reps Weave by Lucienne Coifman is a complete workshop in rep weaving providing education, instruction, projects and inspiration. This predominantly warp-faced plain weave creates a reversible fabric in which the back is the opposite of the front. Because it alternates between thick and thin weft shots, the fabric is ribbed. Designs often focus on intricate block patterns and color interplay. Over the past 30 years Lucienne’s main interest in rep weave has centered on color interactions and patterns. In her new book she graciously shares invaluable tips and tricks she’s learned through her vast experience. From 2-shafts to 8-shafts, there’s something for every level of weaver. More than 20 projects with complete drafts and full instructions are included. Choose from rugs, placemats, runners and wall hangings. With the thorough foundation the book provides, you’ll be designing your own rep weave projects in no time. We unequivocally recommend it!




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We’ve added more yarns to our Spring Clearance Yarn Sale!  Take a look at our sale yarns by Ella Rae, Noro, Louisa Harding, Katia, Juniper Moon, Romney Ridge, Cascade and more!  As with all closeout items there are no returns, backorders or additional discounts.  We recommend calling in your order (1-800-341-0282) as quantities are limited and these items will go FAST!


Ella Rae Lace Merino $25.50 $17.50


Romney Ridge Farm Blend $21.00 $14.99


Gatsby by Katia $12.95 $9.50


Louisa Harding Noema $8.25 $5.80


Noro Silk Garden $12.25 $8.95, Noro Kureyon $9.25 $6.95, Noro Taiyo $20.50 $15.00, Noro Obi $22.50 $16.75, Noro Taiyo Sock Yarn $15.75, Noro Kibou $20.50 $15.75


Juniper Moon Moonshine $17.95 $13.50, Painted Desert $13.50 $9.95


Debbie Bliss Angel $13.50 $9.95, Cascade Ultra Pima Paints $13.00 $9.50, Cascade 128 Superwash $12.95 $9.75


Rug Wool, Super Bulky, 65 yards $7.95


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Orang Ulu weavers, on island of Borneo, weave way into World Records Book


As quoted in the Borneo Post: “When we were born, we were laid on a mat during the naming ceremony. When we die, our bodies will be wrapped using a mat. It symbolises our entrance into this world and also our departure from this world.” With the collaboration of a number of Orang Ulu tribes, the weaving tradition is being kept alive and even growing. Case in point? Participants from 30 different “longhouses” have made worlds longest woven rotan mat at 1128 meters (0.7 miles). There is a documentary on this culturally cool creation in the works, we’ll let you know when it’s out.

Love socks or “Love Socks”? Remotest island says yeah!


We know that many knitters love to knit socks. But have you knit “Love Socks”? The inhabitants on the world’s most remote island, Tristan Da Cunha, half way between South Africa and South America, have a tradition of showing their affection and intentions with Love Socks. Whether you love to knit socks or not, this story is sure to inspire. If you don’t love to knit socks, you can order them directly from the island.  (Just be prepared to wait, the only way to the island is a once-monthly, 6-day ferry, so shipping is slow). According to the Tristan Da Cunha website:

“In the old days the community of Tristan was rather shy and so were people of few words. Love and affection was often shown by gestures and one particular gesture was the knitting of socks, which held a special significance.

“When a young man wanted to court a young lady he would visit the parents house bringing a small gift and sit with the family in the kitchen. The father would know this was a sign that the man had an interest in one of his daughters. The young lady in question would in turn knit a pair of socks for her young admirer, depending on the number of colours and stripes on the socks, the young man would know how fond she was of him. If the young man was happy with the message his socks showed, he would take this as a sign of the young lady’s affection and make her a pair of moccasins, which was always previously done by her father. The young lady would then offer to wash his clothes and this was a sign that they were formally engaged and a marriage would follow shortly.”

Or, if you’re up for knitting your own (or get impatient while waiting to propose to your love) their website also has a “key” to the meaning of the stripped socks… Knit up some sock love! Oh, and please, pretty please, if you propose with socks, write back to us and let us know!




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