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Summer is in full swing and so are great savings and projects at Halcyon Yarn. Read on to save on select items, check our current operations info and, get FREE SHIPPING this holiday weekend!

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Create beautiful hangings to reference in your studio, or cheerful and functional settings to brighten your table this summer!

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Homestead Cotton Gamp Detail

Temporarily Sold Out! (Wow, that was fast!)

We’re so glad you like the project and apologize that we ran out of these kits faster than expected. If you would like to place a back order for this item we are glad to put you on the list and ship or contact you as soon as they are back in stock. We do not yet have an ETA, but we’re working on restocking as quickly as possible and will keep you updated! Please call or email with any questions or to place a back order.

NEW! Homestead Cotton Gamp Kits – special introductory price for a limited time!

Color Gamps give weavers a wonderful opportunity to better understand the interactions that happen when you blend colors. They’re both playful (yay rainbows!) and practical, plus you’ll create a set of functional items to provide both a color study reference and a pop of fresh hues in your home or studio.

Our newest color gamp project uses a simple 8/2 unmercerized cotton and the colors are more muted than many traditional primary color gamps. We love the softer palette and we’re eager to wind up our bobbins and roll out a picnic with these cheerful and instructive pieces.

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We’re finding plenty of quiet ways to enjoy the new year (despite the challenges), I hope you are too! With the new year has come a renewed sense of creativity, and I hope it brings you some time for making projects that you’ve been looking forward to. Now that we’ve given our holiday gifts it’s a perfect opportunity to make a little time for ourselves. We’re here to help you start something new and beautiful, find a treat to spend your Gift Certificate on, or pick up a little inspiration from the bookshelf…

As always, please call or email if we can assist you with planning a project or selecting just the right materials – we’re here to help!

Here’s a little inspiration…

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Looking for a simple grab-and-go project for summer? With ample yardage and made-for-the-yarn patterns these easy to work from “cakes” (and ombre color packs) from Spanish yarn maker Katia are just right for a pop of easy color!

Order now for best selection – supplies of these beautiful yarns are limited, once it’s gone it’s gone! (All sales are final.)

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Painted Sock – new!


A perfect pair! The cute and convenient cakes of color each make one sock. A fun new option for your favorite sock or shawl pattern!

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Portrait of Gretchen
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Corrugated Mitts

striped corrugated mittens

Beautifully striped wool mitts in fingerless or full coverage versions!

The Corrugated Mitts knit up easily in your favorite sturdy DK weight wool. These mitts are a great introduction to working with two colors. We knit ours in Classic DK Wool, and kits are available in four of our favorite color combinations.

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Portrait of Gretchen
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Color Gamp Weaving Kits

color gamp banner

Back in stock! Designed by Michael Patterson and Halcyon Blake, our Color Gamp Kits are a wonderful way for weavers to explore color interactions. Available in 3/2 Pearl Cotton Yarn or 10/2 Pearl Cotton Yarn, each kit contains the yarn and instructions to create your own vibrant projects.




Weaving offers a truly special kind of color magic in which the relationship between hues can be controlled and manipulated to create an amazing array of effects. Explore how adjusting hues and values within a piece can transform a few basic shades to create fantastic iridescent or gradient effects. Trick the eye by mastering how combining one color with another will create the impression of a different color entirely, as happens in the Popular Science article below describing the Munker-White illusion.

The Munker-White Illusion

Munker White: These skulls look purple and orange. They are both red. (Popular Science)

So cool – this is just what happens when you mix colors in your weaving! Try experimenting with similar tones in different hues and you’ll find you can produce the illusion of more colors than you’re actually using by taking advantage of the “Munker-White” illusion. (And now I know it’s called that!) Let us know here if you make or find some good woven examples of this, won’t you?

Gamp projects are a terrific way for weavers to become skilled at creating an enormous spectrum from just a few basics. Discover the many ways of blending color in our easy to follow kits in two weights, for either four or eight harnesses – a great value. Have a stash of colorful yarns already? Pick up the pattern and use it as a basis for experimenting. Have fun and let us know if we can help!

3/2 Gamp Kits

pearl cotton color wheel

Our revised 3/2 Color Gamp Kit includes yarn and instructions to weave a sampler gamp utilizing 12 colors, plus white, grey, and black.

Project makes a baby blanket and wall hanging, or a set of six placemats plus a runner.
The pattern includes directions for both the 36 x 48″ blanket and the set of 6 placemats and a runner as well as 15 full mini-cones of our beautiful 3/2 Pearl Cotton and 150 yds of 20/2 Pearl Cotton in black for hems.

Projects require a 4-shaft loom with a weaving width of 40″ and a reed capable of 12 EPI.

10/2 Gamp Kits

A study for color and weave in 8 shafts or 4 shafts.

Halcyon’s 10/2 Gamp Kit comes with 15 – 10/2 Pearl Cotton mini cones plus 20/2 Pearl Cotton for hems, and the pattern.
Directions include five different color study exercises including one utilizing yarns from your own stash for weft, and how to create a clever and colorful shuttle holder for your studio.

The 4-shaft study is done in plain weave. The 8-shaft is in either plain or a twill combination. Approximately 20.5″ wide finished.

Kit includes 15 cones of 10/2 Pearl Cotton and 150 yards of 20/2.
Requires 4 or 8 shaft loom 22.5″ or wider and an 8 or 12 dent reed for 24 EPI.

More ways to explore color…


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