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Colorful wool top & wool roving: "Wooly-n-Wild" 

Perfect fibers for colorful needle felting, wet felting and spinning yarn!

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Ashford Fiber Bag

Ashford Spinning Fiber Bag is a great for experimenting with color blending. Get a little of everything for your favorite needle felting, wet felting, or spinning projects. This collection includes an ounce each of 20 of our best Ashford colors. (colors may vary)

Each color of Ashford is 100% Corriedale top can also be purchased individually by the ounce or pound. The Top preparation is similar to a wool roving, but is more thoroughly combed so spins yarn easily. It's the perfect palette for embellishing picturesque scenes, children's toys, masks and more. Bring new life to an old sweater with Needle Felt embellishment.

Featured item for Needle Felting on The Martha Stewart Show!

Item Number: 3220000B.
Price: $45.00/ea.


Item ships 1 - 3 bus. days. Large orders call to check avail. More Info.

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Romney Felting Fiber

Fiber line #309


Color: 0140
vendor color: RoyalPurple
Fiber 30901400  color 0140
Selected color
Stock: 9
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  • Pricing 4 oz:
  • Mix colors for discounts.
  • $6.75, 1+
  • • $5.95, 5.00+
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Romney Felting Fiber details:
• Fiber content: Wool

Romney Felting Fiber description:

Romeny is ideal for needle felting as needle holes are less evident in the work. But don’t limit its use to needle felting. Try it in traditional wet felting too but be aware the finished felt will be more rustic in appearance.

Romney, a long wool breed, is named for the Romney Marsh region in Kent, England where it was developed in the early 1800’s from medieval longwool types as a dual purpose fiber and meat sheep.

The extreme geographic and climatic conditions of the region developed some specific breed characteristics which include hooves resistant to footrot and big fleeces which remain heavy in harsh weather. These characteristics made for an easy transition to New Zealand and the Falkland Islands where they quickly established themselves as the most predominant breed. The first Romneys came to the United States in 1904 where their long, lustrous fleeces is highly sought by hand spinners.

Our Dyed Felting Fiber is carded Romney. A slightly coarse fiber with crimp, 1/4 lb bags are convenient and lets you have lots of colors. This romney felting fiber has a staple length of 2” - 3” and a micron count of 31-34 for dyed and 38-40 for white, natural grey and fawn.

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Ashford NZ Wool Fiber to Spin and Felt

Fiber line #322


Ashford NZ Wool Fiber to Spin and Felt description:

Brighten your spinning and felting with colorful New Zealand Corriedale. Ashford's 27-30 micron wool fiber has in a huge array of colors-ready to spin, blend and felt. Beginning spinners- This is your fiber! Its natural crimp, keeps it from slipping through your fingers quite as quickly. This bit of extra time makes it easier to focus on the mechanics of spinning. And don't forget the lure of colors. Even starting out it's more fun to spin with colors you like. Experienced spinners will enjoy playing with the range of available colors. Simply choose your desired colors and you are ready for a fun afternoon of experimentation or a more intense study in color theory. Mix, match, and card the solid colors to create subtle heathers and rainbow designer yarns. Creating a color wheel is easy with Ashford's primary colors. In need of a little guidance, look our many videos and DVDs on Fiber Preparation and Multicolor Blending Techniques. These glorious colors can be felted alone or blended to create infinite colors. By the ounce, Ashford fiber is ideal for felting picturesque scenes, masks, children's toys – any project where you need only a small amount of a specific color. Micron 27-30.

  • Pricing per lb:
  • Mix colors for discounts (for price 2 each color amount must be greater than 1lb).
  • $44.00, 1+
  • • $35.75, 1.00lb+
Select color (old#) , vendor #:

Ashford NZ Wool Fiber to Spin and Felt details:
• Fiber content: Wool

Color: 0020
vendor color: DSBPPeriwinkle 013 Blueberry Pie
Fiber 32200200  color 0020
In stock: 2
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Color: 0030
vendor color: DSSMTeal 007 Spearmint
Fiber 32200300  color 0030
Stock: 3
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Color: 0040
vendor color: DSIIndigo
Fiber 32200400  color 0040
Stock: 4
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Color: 0050
vendor color: DSKFMoss 001 Kiwifruit
Fiber 32200500  color 0050
Temp. Unavail.
Ships 2-4 weeks

Color: 0060
vendor color: DSCMarigold 003 Cheesecake
Fiber 32200600  color 0060
In stock: 2
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Color: 0080
vendor color: DSNNutmeg 009 Nutmeg
Fiber 32200800  color 0080
Stock: 3
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Color: 0090
vendor color: DSGTFir 004 Green Tea
Fiber 32200900  color 0090
Stock: 4
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Color: 0120
vendor color: DSLBlack 014 Licorice
Fiber 32201200  color 0120
Stock: 5
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Color: 0130
vendor color: SSMMagenta 023 Magenta
Fiber 32201300  color 0130
Stock: 3
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Color: 0140
vendor color: SSTTurquoise 026 Turquoise
Fiber 32201400  color 0140
In stock: 2
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Color: 0150
vendor color: SSGGreen 022 Green
Fiber 32201500  color 0150
Stock: 4
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Color: 0160
vendor color: SSPPurple 025 Purple
Fiber 32201600  color 0160
In stock: 2
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Color: 0170
vendor color: SSBLBlue 021 Blue
Fiber 32201700  color 0170
In stock: 2
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Color: 0180
vendor color: SSSscarlet 028 Scarlet
Fiber 32201800  color 0180
Stock: 5
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Color: 0190
vendor color: SSOOrange 024 Orange
Fiber 32201900  color 0190
Stock: 4
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Color: 0200
vendor color: SSYyellow 027 Yellow
Fiber 32202000  color 0200
In stock: 3
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Color: 0210
vendor color: DSCFCandyFloss
Fiber 32202100  color 0210
In stock: 2
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Color: 0220
vendor color: DSLLLavender 044 Lilac
Fiber 32202200  color 0220
Stock: 3
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Color: 0230
vendor color: DSPYPansy 046 Pansy
Fiber 32202300  color 0230
Stock: 3
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Color: 0240
vendor color: DSRBRaspberry
Fiber 32202400  color 0240
Stock: 3
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Color: 0250
vendor color: DSLILime 043 Lime
Fiber 32202500  color 0250
In stock: 2
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Color: 0260
vendor color: DSLGLagoon 042 Lagoon
Fiber 32202600  color 0260
In stock: 2
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Color: 0270
vendor color: DSBLBlush 029
Fiber 32202700  color 0270
In stock: 2
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Color: 0280
vendor color: DSCHChocolate 020 Chocolate
Fiber 32202800  color 0280
Temp. Unavail.
Ships 2-4 weeks