Ashford NZ Wool Fiber to Spin and Felt

Fiber line #322

Ashford NZ Wool Fiber to Spin and Felt description:

Brighten your spinning and felting with colorful New Zealand Corriedale wool sliver (top). Ashford's wool fiber has a huge array of colors - ready to spin, blend and felt.

Beginning spinners, this is your fiber! Its natural crimp is even and smooth, but also well-defined which keeps it from slipping through your fingers as quickly as some finer breeds. This bit of extra time makes it easier to focus on the mechanics of spinning. Even starting out it's more fun to spin with colors you like and experiment with combining hues - Ashford delivers rich hues to try your hand with and since it's available in small quantities you can mix and beknds to your heart's content!

Experienced spinners will enjoy playing with the range of colors as well and the easy consistent spin makes a great yarn on its own or blended with other fibers. Mix, match, and card the solid colors to create subtle heathers and rainbow designer yarns. Plus, creating a color wheel for a deeper dive into color theory is easy with Ashford's saturated color palette.

Felters love Ashford tops alone or blended to create infinite colors and it's a great medium texture for both bigger pieces or smaller details in both wet and needle (dry) felting. Ashford fiber is ideal for felting picturesque scenes, masks, children's toys - any project where you need only a small amount of a specific color.

Ashford's Corriedale is 100% pure New Zealand wool ethically produced from non-mulesed, grass-fed sheep from farms local to the mill. The processing is done using an eco-firendly, biodegradable wash and dyed with ecologically safe Oeko-Tex compliant dyes. Beautifully processed with care in a family-run mill this fiber requires no additional preparation and therefore no waste as you work with it.

Fibers have a staple length of approximately 4.25" and are 27-30 microns.

Available by the ounce or pound, no fiber stash is complete without a selection of this versatile wool!

  • Pricing per lb:
  • Mix colors for discounts (for price 2 each color amount must be greater than 1lb).
  • $2.97/oz for up to 1 lb
  • • $39.95, 1lb+
  • • For out of stock colors, backorders are not available at this time
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Ashford NZ Wool Fiber to Spin and Felt details:
• Fiber content: Wool

Feel & see with a yarn sample card: for 4.50/ea.

Color: 0040
vendor color: DSI
Fiber 3220040L  color 0040
Low stock: 1

Color: 0020
vendor color: DSBP
Fiber 3220020L  color 0020
Stock: 3

Color: 0030
vendor color: DSSM
Fiber 3220030L  color 0030
Low stock: 1

Color: 0050
vendor color: DSKF
Fiber 3220050L  color 0050
Low stock: 3

Color: 0060
vendor color: DSC
Fiber 3220060L  color 0060
Low stock: 3

Color: 0080
vendor color: DSN
Fiber 3220080L  color 0080
Low stock: 2

Color: 0090
vendor color: DSGT
Fiber 3220090L  color 0090
Stock: 4

Color: 0120
vendor color: DSL
Fiber 3220120L  color 0120
Stock: 4

Color: 0130
vendor color: SSM
Fiber 3220130L  color 0130
Low stock: 1

Color: 0140
vendor color: SST
Fiber 3220140L  color 0140
Low stock: 1

Color: 0150
vendor color: SSG
Fiber 3220150L  color 0150
Low stock: 2

Color: 0160
vendor color: SSP
Fiber 3220160L  color 0160
Stock: 3

Color: 0170
vendor color: SSBL
Fiber 3220170L  color 0170
Low stock: 1

Color: 0180
vendor color: SSS
Fiber 3220180L  color 0180
Stock: 3

Color: 0190
vendor color: SSO
Fiber 3220190L  color 0190
Low stock: 3

Color: 0200
vendor color: SSY
Fiber 3220200L  color 0200
Stock: 3

Color: 0210
vendor color: DSCF
Fiber 3220210L  color 0210
Low stock: 1

Color: 0220
vendor color: DSLL
Fiber 3220220L  color 0220
Low stock: 3

Color: 0230
vendor color: DSPY
Fiber 3220230L  color 0230
Stock: 3

Color: 0240
vendor color: DSRB
Fiber 3220240L  color 0240
Low stock: 3

Color: 0250
vendor color: DSLI
Fiber 3220250L  color 0250
Low stock: 2

Color: 0260
vendor color: DSLG
Fiber 3220260L  color 0260
Low stock: 2

Color: 0270
vendor color: DSBL
Fiber 3220270L  color 0270
Stock: 3

Color: 0280
vendor color: DSCH
Fiber 3220280L  color 0280
Low stock: 2