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Corriedale Wool Top

Fiber line #316


Corriedale Wool Top description:

Corriedale sheep were developed in Australia and New Zealand from a Merino and Lincoln Cross resulting in a wool that has a good crimp and long fiber length. Corriedale wool is relatively fine, having a wool count between 50-56, micron of 25-31, and staple lengths ranging from 3.5-6 inches. Well suited to spinning yarn, needle felting and wet felting.

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Corriedale Wool Top details:
• Fiber content: Wool

Color: 0010
vendor color: 47 Falkland
Fiber 31600100  color 0010
Low stock: 3
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Color: 0020
vendor color: T 223
Fiber 31600200  color 0020
Stock: 7
BO unavail.

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