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Leclerc Nilus II 45" 4-Shaft Jack Loom

The Nilus II (the loom is pictured here folded in jack style) is a newer design which overcomes the difficulty in getting a good shed sometimes found in the older Nilus Looms. The back hinge treadle option ensures even tension on all treadle cords with the treadles in both rest or depressed position. This popular jack loom has the option of 4 shaft, 8 shaft, or 8 shaft with back hinge treadles. It is available in 27 in, 36 in, 45 in, or 60 in weaving widths. It has removable front and back beams and a friction brake. Larger people or those with long legs will prefer the extra size of the Nilus II. Standard accessories are a reed, wire heddles, boat shuttle, reed and heddle hook, 2 lease sticks, 4 warp rods, and instructions. Available options - insert eye heddles, bench, double back beam, sectional warp beam, flying shuttle beater, conversion kits for 4 to 8 shaft. Overall dimensions (for 36 in, 45 in, and 60 in) - 46 in, 55 in, or 70 in wide, 38 in (open) or 25 in (folded) deep, 44 in high. 136, 154, or 188 lbs.

Also available in counter-balance and counter-marche options (Please call for details and prices.)

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Item Number: 62103000.
Price: $3,175.00.

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