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Halcyon Geo Rug Wool

Item: 00300100 Color:001
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Halcyon Yarn's Signature Geo Rug Wool is actually spun from two slivers or rovings as they Come out of the carding machine. This "double rove" construction creates a strong "singles" yarn without the need for excessive twist, just the right amount for weaving or knitting. Geo rug wool is a lighter weight but still sturdy 100% wool dyed in the same colors as Deco (item #002) but on a natural heather grey for softer, muted colors. The classic beauty and durability of Halcyon's Rug Wool in smaller sizes make both Geo and Deco (item #002) rug wools extremely versatile yarns for everything from woven rugs and tapestries to knitted bags, outerwear and punched or hooked pieces. The Deco/Geo color range is ideal for mixing and matching, blending and shading. Try double stranding two similar colors to create distinctive tonal effects and custom colors. Deco and Geo are essentially the same size yarn so you can play with both color and surface appearance by using both in the same project.

Geo rug yarn is a perfect yarn for rug hooking or punching. We recommend two skeins (8 oz) per square foot. Great for woven or knitted outerwear, Geo rug wool softens after washing and is excellent for felting because of the looser roving style twist. Geo Rug Wool is mothproofed for longevity.


Recommended sett for balanced weave: Tabby: 6 ends per inch. Twill: 8 ends per inch. Recommended sett for weft faced: Use 4 - 6 epi (single or doubled) in 3 or 4-ply wool or linen warp.

Recommended weft allowances for weft faced:

Plain weave: 4-6 ounces per square foot. Twill & Boundweave: 5-8 ounces/square foot

Knitters & Crocheters: Deco knits nicely at 3 to 3.5 stitches per inch on a size 10 or 10.5 knitting needle. Crocheters will want to use a size K - M crochet hook.

Rug Hooking & Punching: We recommend approximately 2 skeins (8 oz) per square foot.

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4 oz hank:
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Unit: 4 oz hank.
Fiber content: 100% Wool.
Knit gauge: 3 to 3.5 on sz 10 to 10.5.
Yards/pound: 460.
Knitting weight: Bulky.
Yardage/unit: 115 yards / 4 oz hank.
Wraps/inch: 10 (wpi).
Weaving tabby sett: 6.
Weaving twill sett: 8.

Enlarge and explain tassel? For color accuracy please see sample card: Deco & Geo Rug Wool Sample Card for $3.50/ea.


Halcyon Geo Rug Wool is wonderful in these book based projects:

Book name: Northern Colors Bound Weave - Halcyon Geo Rug Wool
Northern Colors Boundweave in "Driftwood" colorway, on pg. 1.
Materials needed: 4 Shaft loom, weaving width of 20", 6 or 12 dent reed, 4 stick or ski shuttles.
Yarn used: Halcyon Geo Rug Wool 5 ply linen warp.
Book name: Halcyon Yarn Felted Knitting Satchel
Felted Knit Satchel. 34" circumference by 14" deep and strap is 2" by 32", on pg. 1.
Materials needed: US size 11, 29" circular & DP needles, crochet hook H I or J, darning needle, one large button.