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JaggerSpun Superfine Merino 2/18's Yarn

Item: 0250020L Color:002 Garnet
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Made in Maine of Australian super fine merino wool, these yarns will easily make a way into clothing and other products that can be worn next to sensitive skin. Hand knitters may prefer multi stranding this yarn for larger gauges. Perfect for Estonian Haapsalu Shawls.

Three strands for a sport weight and 5 strands for a worsted weight. Weavers will enjoy the range of colors for making tartans. It's never itchy... and you can mix it with the 2/18's Zephyr Wool/Silk Blend (Item 27), 2/30's Gemstone Silk (Item 157), or K1C2's Douceur et Soie (Item 56) to add glisten to your pieces. As a worsted spun yarn, you'll fine they are smoother and shinier than woolen spun yarns. They also won't full as much when washed/finished, so plan on a closer sett or tighter gauge (finish your swatch to determine if you like the finished piece). JaggerSpun is dyed with the finest dyes possible. Excess dyes may be present in some colors so sample first. If excess dye is present, skein the yarn and rinse until the water runs clear. Deep purples may not be colorfast when exposed to sun, so avoid prolonged exposure to bright light.

Care: Hand wash in cool water or dry clean. Lay flat to dry.

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Unit: 1 lb cone.
Fiber content: 100% merino wool.
Yards/pound: 5040.
Knitting weight: Lace.
Yardage/unit: 5040 yards / 1 lb cone.
Wraps/inch: 30 (wpi).
Weaving tabby sett: 18 to 20.
Weaving twill sett: 22 to 28.

Enlarge and explain tassel? For color accuracy please see sample card: Jagger Spun Sample Card for $3.50/ea.


JaggerSpun Superfine Merino 2/18's Yarn is wonderful in these book based projects:

Book name: Interweave Favorites 25 Knitted Accessories to Wear and Share
Lily of the Valley Shawl, on pg. 109.
Materials needed: Knitting needles size 6: 32" circular and straight, contrast heavier yarn for provisional cast-on, crochet hook size G, tapestry needle..
Yarn used: JaggerSpun Superfine Merino.
Book name: Design Collection Number 19 - Scarves and Shawls for All Seasons -Handwoven eBook Printed Copy
A Twill Scarf That's Light as Air, on pg. 23.
Materials needed: 4 shaft loom. 10" weaving width, 10 dent reed, 1 shuttle, 1 cardboard strip 1" X 10-11" to use for weft spacer..
Book name: Handwoven's Master Weaver Collection: Favorite Projects and Lessons from Madelyn van der Hoogt eBook Printed Copy
Deflected Double Weave weft, on pg. 29.
Materials needed: .
Yarn used: 10/2 Pearl Cotton warp and weft 18/2 Jagger Superfine Merino warp and weft.
Book name: The Weaver's Idea Book - Creative Cloth on a Rigid-Heddle Loom
Felted Scarf, on pg. 30.
Materials needed: Rigid heddle loom with at least 15" weaving width, 12 dent reed, one shuttle and two 1" spacers a little wider than the warp width..
Yarn used: JaggerSpun Superfine Merino 2/18's.
Book name: Handwoven's Master Weaver Collection: Favorite Projects and Lessons from Madelyn van der Hoogt eBook Printed Copy
Red Hot Polka Dots Scarf - 4 shaft, on pg. 32.
Materials needed: 18/2 Merino from Jagger and 10/2 Pearl Cotton.
Yarn used: Jagger 18/2 Merino 10/2 Pearl Cotton.
Book name: Lavish Lace - Knitting with Hand-Painted Yarns
Rosebuds and Climbing Roses, on pg. 67.
Materials needed: Knitting needles size 2, stitch markers, blocking pins.
Yarn used: JaggerSpun Superfine Merino 2/18's Yarn.