Natural Color Dyeing Book

Author: Sasha Duerr
272 pgs. (hard, color)
ISBN number:9781607749363

Organizedby season, Natural Coloris abeautifully photographed guide to thefull range of plant dyes available,drawn fromcommonly found fruits, flowers, trees, and herbs, with accompanying projects.Using sustainablemethods and artisinaltechniques, designer, artist, and professor Sasha Duerr details achievable ways to apply these limitless color possibilities to yourhome and wardrobe. Whether you are new to dyeing or more practiced, Duerrs clear and simple ingredients lists, step-by-step instructions, and detailed breakouts on techniques such as shibori, dip-dye, and block printingwill ensurebeautiful results.With recipes to dye everything from dresses and sweaters to rugs and napkins, Natural Color willinspire fashion enthusiasts, home decorators, textile lovers, and everyone else who wants to bring more color into theirlife.

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