Shetland Blend Top Wool Fiber

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vendor color: H 2 SHETLAND HUMBUG TOP
Fiber 3040000L  color 0000
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Shetland Blend Top Wool Fiber details:
• Fiber content: Wool

Shetland Blend Top Wool Fiber description:

Shetland is a soft and downy "shortwool" wool fiber believed to have orgins in Scandinavia. Today, the breed is most often found on the Shetland Islands. The staple length ranges from 2 to 5 inches, 30-40 micron, and 50-56 count. It is well suited for spinning fine yarns, making it perfect for lace knitting. It felts very well. In fact, caution should be taken when washing items made from Shetland because irreversible changes can occur. Shetland wool is available in range of natural colors. We stock blended top in white/moorit.