Icelandic Top Wool Fiber

Fiber line #306

Icelandic Top Wool Fiber description:

The Icelandic sheep, part of the oldest and purest breeds of sheep, is a cousin of the Shetland and Finn. The fleece is dual coated, with a fine undercoat called thel and a longer, coarser outer coat called tog. The tog fiber (fiber we carry) with a spinning count of 56's-60's, micron of 35 and staple length of 6-8" is lustrous, strong, and water-resistant. Available in 4 natural shades. White-1, Brown-2, Black-3, Grey-4.

  • Pricing per lb:
  • Mix colors for discounts (for price 2 each color amount must be greater than 1lb).
  • $2.16/oz for up to 1 lb
  • • $28.20, 1lb+
  • • For out of stock colors, backorders are not available at this time
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Icelandic Top Wool Fiber details:
• Fiber content: Icelandic Wool

Feel & see with a yarn sample card: Wonderful Wools - I Fiber Card for 4.50/ea.

Color: 0010
vendor color: T 280
Fiber 3060010L  color 0010
Stock: 3

Color: 0020
vendor color: T 282
Fiber 3060020L  color 0020
Stock: 3

Color: 0030
vendor color: T 281
Fiber 3060030L  color 0030
Low stock: 3

Color: 0040
vendor color: T 284
Fiber 3060040L  color 0040
Low stock: 3