Multi-Colored Merino Wool Top

Fiber line #321

Multi-Colored Merino Wool Top description:

These heather combinations spin into beautiful yarns. Often times, a wool roving or top with all the colors of the rainbow looks beautiful as wool fiber, but spins into drab yarn... Not the case here! Highlights and shadows work together creating yarns with which you'll want to knit, crochet, weave, etc. It's another great choice for needle or wet felting. 21.5 micron.

  • Pricing per lb:
  • Mix colors for discounts (for price 2 each color amount must be greater than 1lb).
  • $3.50/oz for up to 1 lb
  • • $45.30, 1lb+
  • • For out of stock colors, backorders are not available at this time
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Multi-Colored Merino Wool Top details:
• Fiber content: Merino Wool

Feel & see with a yarn sample card: for 4.50/ea.

Color: 0090
vendor color: CALM
Fiber 3210090L  color 0090
Low stock: 0

Color: 0100
vendor color: TRANQUIL
Fiber 3210100L  color 0100
Stock: 3

Color: 0110
vendor color: HEAVENLY
Fiber 3210110L  color 0110
Low stock: 2

Color: 0120
vendor color: PASSION
Fiber 3210120L  color 0120
Low stock: 3

Color: 0130
vendor color: RAINBOW
Fiber 3210130L  color 0130
Low stock: 1

Color: 0140
vendor color: BLAZE
Fiber 3210140L  color 0140
Low stock: 3