Vaill Island Vest Pattern - Casco Bay Worsted - Pattern download Knitting Pattern - Free with yarn purchase

Author: Gwynn Erickson
36(40, 44)"

This vest is easy and stunning in a simple garter slip stitch pattern. Try our Signature Casco Bay Worsted Cotton and change the way you feel about knitting cotton forever! Our Casco Bay Worsted has a wonderful pebbly texture which looks fantastic in any stitch and also keeps the cotton from losing its shape and looking 'limp' over time. And if your big pet peeve about cotton is the splitting - start the celebration!! This cotton does NOT split. Its construction keeps it from happening. Suspend prior bad experiences and/or negative cotton hearsay and try our Casco Bay Worsted for yourself. Pattern free with purchase of Casco Bay Worsted yarn.

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Approximate Size: 36(40, 44)" Pattern gauge: 18 st = 4" Yarn weight: Medium Yardage needed: 700(800, 900) yards

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