Weldon's Practical Stocking Knitter, First and Second Series eBook printed copy Knitting Book

Author: PieceWork
26 pgs. (paper, partial color)
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PieceWork has reproduced here the stocking knitting material from the First and Second Series. The First Series opens with a thorough tutorial on the art of knitting stockings, including every known variety of heel and toe . . . and four stocking patterns, two for children, one for a man, and one for a woman. The Second Series offers eighteen patterns for the whole family. Among the patterns are the stellar Gentlemans Bicycle Stocking in Ridged Knitting, the practical and warm Ladys Striped Plain Knit Stocking, and the sweet Childs Fancy Knit Long Sock in Vandyke Pattern. Instructions might perplex a contemporary knitter accustomed to detailed charts and succinct directions, but the patterns are often ingenious. Many of the objects transcend the century-plus span of years since they were devised.

This book serves as a curiosity, an inspiration, a resource, and a link to a time beyond our memories. In using and enjoying it, you keep the craft alive. It is a fitting example of needlework and history, hand in hand.

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