Economy Yarn Winding Combo - Swift and Ball Winder Set

Combine and save. The economy plastic and metal swift has two special features. The crank at the top allows you to wind skeins of yarn and the clamp is designed to allow you to adjust the angle at which the swift is resting from vertical to horizontal for easy winding and unwinding. This small swift stands 16" tall, weighs about 1 pound and accommodates up to a 60" circumference skein. The in-line ball winder is a time saving piece of equipment you will not want to be without. Clamp it to your table, just a few feet away from your swift and crank the handle. In a matter of minutes you will have a stackable, center-pull ball. Ball winders are also useful for winding multiple strands of yarn into one ball. It is all but impossible to reap the benefits of a ball winder without a swift so be sure to put one of those on your wish list, too. Winds balls up to 4 oz. Combine and save.

Item Number: 6801000S
Price: $81.85


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