Joklalopi Icelandic Bulky Lopi Sample Card

Lopi is a forever yarn. A true classic for the ages. Jöklalopi, is the bulkiest of all the Lopi yarns (also referred to as Bulky Lopi). Stocked in 9 natural colors.

This chunky 100% Icelandic Wool is an exceptionally warm singles that features all the strength, durability, breathability and insulation we love from the long-staple fiber of Icelandic wool, with almost twice the thickness of traditional Álafosslopi. The palette features all natural colors, with the true black overdyed for depth of color. These simple natural shades evoke the clean and sparse beauty of the landscape from which they originate and they all work beautifully together.

(Halcyon Yarn stocks all available colors of Jöklalopi.)

Chunky winter sweaters, the coziest of blankets, and bold, toasty-warm accessories are all a treat in this natural beauty. There is a slight halo which adds warmth and elegance but may make pieces less suitable for close wear next to your skin. Works up quickly in a chunky gauge and the slightly thick-thin look gives pieces a rustic handmade charm while still being even and easy to work with.

The single-ply construction can cause works in progress (or fresh off the loom) to pull or slant slightly on the bias of the twist. Wet-finishing and blocking will resolve this beautifully and will help your pieces soften and full. We recommend swatching/sampling to confirm your gauge or sett, especially if an exact measurement is desired.

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