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Sample Card. Multi-craft Equipment

Rug Backing Sample Card

Includes samples and description of our current Rug Backings. See and feel them to determine suitability fo... →more
2368540C • $3.75 • in-stock

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Cascade Cottons

Soft as a cloud and just as beautiful, you'll find dozens of uses for these sleek and beautiful pima co... →more
2310700C • $3.75

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Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece Sample Card

Springy and soft blend of Cotton and merino wool perfect for warm weather climates. Shown in #1... →more
2312800C • $3.75

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Pearl Cotton Sample Card

Perfect for project planning, our Pearl (Perle) Cotton Sample Card displays strands of each color av... →more
2308200C • $3.75 • in-stock

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Einband Lopi Sample Card - Einband

See all the beautiful shades of Einband Icelandic Wool. Color samples make planning your projects ea... →more
2301700C • $3.75 • in-stock

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Tuffy Sock Sample Card

Tuffy Sock Yarn from Briggs & LittleSee Catalog & web for complete colors. These samples are for ... →more
2312700C • $3.75 • in-stock

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