Fiber-Lok Non-Skid Latex Rug Backing - does not ship November thru April

Apply this natural latex backing to your hooked, punched, knitted or crocheted rug with an old rubber spatula. It cures overnight, adding body, securing the structure and making it skid proof. Fiber-Lok is sold in 16 oz containers which will cover about 15 square feet. Try it on bottom of slipper soles. Please note, all latex backings contain rubber which may eventually darken light colored vinyl floors. Be aware of this and use a non-rubber floor mat when necessary. Not recommended for valuable antiques. This product replaces Safety Back which is no longer available. Does not ship in winter months November through April, can freeze or will explode/leak.

Please note: Simply brush the back side with a thin, even coat of Fiber-Lok. Two thin coats are better than one heavy application. Fiber-Lok will appear transparent when it is dry and ready to re-coat. The second coat should be applied within 12 hours of the first. Clean your brush with soap and cold water. Allow 1 week before washing rug. DO NOT dry clean rugs treated with Fiber-Lok or clean with a product that contains solvents. Fiber-Lok may slip on a wet surface.

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